High Five for... Saturday

Better late than never right?! I usually link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday, but with Thanksgiving being this week, I just let blogging get away from me. BUT I'm usually late for things anyway, so why not go for a round of High Five for Saturday? Just because I love sharing highlights from my week with y'all :)

Here are 5 of my favorite things from this week:

one. Can we all take a second to talk about how gorgeous my new cup is?! Glitter AND my soon to be monogram? Yes, please! I got it from groopdealz.com like a week and a half ago and it came in the mail yesterday.

two. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I spent time with my family and Adam's family and just enjoyed having the day off from my day job, and I even took a break from working on Glisten stuff. I spent the whole day eating good food (after a morning workout of course ;)) and laughing with the best people. 

three. Speaking of Glisten, in case you missed it, WE LAUNCHED LAST WEEK! I can't even believe that this dream is becoming a reality. Glisten is a health/fitness website geared toward helping women reach their fitness goals. I'm so excited to combine my passions for health/fitness and helping people...find out how you can hire me as your virtual personal trainer here. I can't explain how encouraged y'all have made me feel...thank you SO much for all of your support and sweet words. Be on the lookout next week for some new Glisten posts on the Glisten blog

four. My Simplified Life Planner from Emily Ley arrived this week, too! I guess you could say it was a good mail week :) I am loving this planner the more that I look through it. 2014 is gonna be a super organized year...be still my type A heart. There aren't many things that I love more than a fresh planner.

five. I spent part of Thanksgiving at Adam's Dad's house shooting guns with my favorite dudes. I even got to skeet shoot for the first time AND I shot the first first clay that was thrown for me! It was awesome. Here's the guys...

Oh and because I didn't have time to do a legit Sweating for the Wedding post...here is my progress update picture for those of you who asked me about it:

I'm so happy that my abs are finally coming back! I've been drinking A TON of water and doing lots of HIIT style workouts. And of course, eating lots of lean protein and green veggies.

Happy weekend, lovelies :)




  1. I LOVE that cup!! And you are lookin' great! Keep it up!

  2. You look great! :) Happy Saturday!

  3. I love you cup! It'll make coffee/tea drinking even more fun :)
    You look great! and congrats again on Glisten!


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