Friday is Music to My Ears

It's Friday! I'm linking up with Lauren to share 5 highlights from my week...here's to High Five for Friday:

1. After a lot of thought, prayer, tears, and support from my close friends & family I have decided to once again pursue Glisten. I kind of put it on the back burner, because I scared myself out of it. All of the legal & financial mumbo jumbo of starting a business intimidates me, honestly. BUT don't they say that if your dreams don't scare you that they're not big enough? Thank you for all the support and encouragement :) Once the wedding is over in April, Glisten will be my focus. I'm excited!

2. Adam & I went on a bike ride with some friends downtown one evening. It was absolutely gorgeous outside!

3. My sweet fiancé turned 25 on Wednesday. Clearly he loved the balloons that I got him ;) I bought him the new iPhone for his birthday and we're having a bonfire on Saturday with a lot of our friends to celebrate! I love that man! Oh and bonus: his Dad made ribs for his birthday dinner. Holy delicious. Double bonus: I got to spend some time playing with Buck outside...I miss having my puppy live with me!

4. I got my copy of Southern Weddings Volume 6 in the mail this week. I could hardly put it down...such a beautiful product :) I look forward to reading it every year, but this year...I'm actually engaged, woo hoo!

5. Lately I've been a huge bum and not getting ready-ready for work. I've been skimming by with braids and jeans just about everyday. So this week I decided to take time and actually get ready (I think the chilly temps were a good motivation). It's amazing how much better my days were just because I took the time to do my hair, makeup, and wear decent clothes. I was in a better mood, didn't feel so tired, and had more confidence. Cheers to getting ready rather than sleeping in ;)

If you follow me on Instagram...sorry that almost all of these pictures are repeats. I've been slacking in the picture taking department.

Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. Love your hairstyle on your workdays! Show me how to do that please!!

  2. Love that last outfit with the denim shirt and leggings!

  3. Yessssss to #5 - it makes all the difference!!!

  4. i love that stripped dress with the vest, super cute!!!


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