The Wedding Scoop: What the Ladies are Wearing

If you missed last week, I shared the first scoop about our wedding...the venue! This week's scoop is...

What all the ladies are wearing!

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There will be 7 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, and myself in the ladies section of the bridal party. Obviously everyone is wearing boots with their dresses...including me!

As you can see from the above pictures, I envision my bridesmaids wearing a neutral shade dress like nude or champagne. I want the dress to be a soft color, because I plan on having bright floral arrangements for them to carry. Plus since the wedding is outside, I don't want our attire competing with nature's beauty that will be around us!

I'm thinking a flowy, romantic material, like chiffon. I don't really mind if all their dresses are different styles up top, as long as they are the same length, color, and fabric. I want each woman to feel & look beautiful, so I want them to chose a cut that works best for their body. I have a feeling they will all be thanking me for choosing boots by the end of the night ;) Point for comfort!

Oh and I can't forget to show y'all the cute flower girl outfit that I have in mind! And since I can't share what I'll be wearing until after the wedding, I'll at least share the boots that I bought to wear with my dress :)

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Isn't the flower girl outfit just precious?! And I am in LOVE with my new boots! They are the perfect amount of dainty to really compliment my dress. I'll give y'all a few hints about my dress...think: ivory & lace. That's all you get!

I really can't wait until our big day so I can share pictures of the actual big day rather than just my inspiration pictures :) 171 days to go!




  1. Oh my word. I love it!!! That little flower girl's outfit is precious and you are going to rock those boots!

  2. I LOVE THIS idea. It suits you so much. I let all my girls pick the design of their dresses, they just had to have the colors match (sage green) - and they all wore gold shoes, whatever style they wanted. It worked out GREAT... well when they GOT the concept it worked out great. I got a lot of panic calls from my girls in Maryland (I live in Alabama) All my friends, and myself are older so they weren't as hip to the new wedding rules, which is THERE ARE NO RULES!

    I can't wait to see all this come together!!!

    I am in need of a new pair of boots so this is the PERFECT excuse!!!!


  4. This is going to be gorgeous! eeeek. Yes, yes, yes you have to get that dress for the flower girl!! Love the boots!

  5. One of my family friends had this SAME kind of wedding! It was really cute! Everyone wore boots and there were mason jars everywhere and it was awesome! I think this is the perfect idea for you! It's so fun!!


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