So I Guess I Am Still A Blogger...

It's been over a month since I've posted. A MONTH, y'all. I think this is the longest I've gone without posting. And let me tell you...I MISS IT! More than I thought I would.

Life has been crazy lately.
Crazy good. Crazy busy.

- I'm officially moved in with my Grandparents. Adam & I decided to each move back home in order to save money to buy a house sometime next year (he tells me we'll be married by then...however, my ring finger is still ringless...) ;)

- I completed my first internship at an elementary school. I sat in with a 2nd grade class and fell in complete LOVE. I think that's the grade that I want to teach!

- Adam bought a new truck. It's the first truck he's ever had, and he is so happy! Which makes ME so happy!

- I'm going to see Luke Bryan this weekend in Valdosta, Georgia! AH! And then again in Tampa on October 25. It's a very Luke-filled month. Just how I like it.

- I'm wrapping up my first set of education classes! 3 down, 6 to go...I can honestly say that I didn't work this hard in the entire 4 years of getting my bachelor's degree. This program is INTENSE. I'm learning a ton, but it is so accelerated. I'll be finished in April, and hopefully teaching by next school year.

- The Glisten website is on the brink of being done. It's ready for me to add content to it then go live shortly after that. I'm having trouble with letting Lovely Little Things go, though. My life has just taken so many different turns since the start of Glisten. My focus has been more on getting my certification to teach rather than using my personal training certification. I still work out everyday, but I just don't have time to work with other people.

Even though I haven't been blogging, I'm still creeping around blogland and reading y'all's blogs...promise!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know most of these updates that I just gave you. I'm gonna get back in the blogging game eventually...!



  1. Girl you take your time and SOAK UP these moments.


  2. LOVE YOU.
    See every text message ever

  3. Enjoy life! We'll still be here when you get back. :)

    carelessly graceful

  4. So happy you're doing well. Life is nothing but a bunch of twists and turns so just get a grip, hold on and enjoy the ride!!! Congrats on finding your calling!!!

    PS I must know, what is that purple polish color. It's perfect!

  5. Missed you on here!! Good luck with everything!! You got this ;)

  6. Yay, glad you're back :) sounds like things are super exciting with you right now! :) great to read your news.

  7. ringless no more girl! guess he wasn't kidding! congrats!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who dropped off the face of the blogging planet recently. ;) #sisterpride ... or something like that.

  9. Ha! I'm catching up on my way overdue blog feed (can't you tell?) and it's so funny reading this now that I already know YOU'RE ENGAGED! (Congrats AGAIN, btw!)


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