Live Fearlessly. Live Free.

I'm been struggling lately. Lately being for many years. I've always had a hard time choosing what I want to pursue in life as far as a job goes. It's so important to me to love what I do and really have a passion for it. I don't want to dread going to work everyday.

I want to make a difference. I want to be creative. I want to help people.

This probably explains why I change career paths yearly. But the thing is, I never fully take the leap. I start each career idea, but I hardly ever follow through. For wedding planning I got my mass communications degree and did an events internship. For personal training I got my certification and started a business but haven't done much with it. For teaching, I'm in school now but having second thoughts regarding what to do when I finish the program in April.

I'm afraid of doing the same thing my whole life. I'm afraid of being stuck in a job that makes me miserable. So every time I get excited about something I dive in, then jump back out before I get in too deep.

With personal training I'm afraid of the science of things. I'm not the best at science and I'm always terrified that I'll give a client the incorrect information. But I'm passionate about being fit, and I love working out.

With teaching I'm afraid that I'll run myself into the ground and be too exhausted to have a life outside of school. I don't see myself as the typical 8-5 worker.

A lot of people keep telling me that I'm gonna wanna go back into event planning after I finish planning my wedding. And a lot of people keep telling me I'd be good at that. And I know I'd enjoy it.

All I know is...

I'm really making it a goal to stop being afraid. To stop being insecure. To acknowledge that it's okay to go into a field and not know EVERYTHING about it.

Thankfully, I have a lot of supportive people surrounding me. They push me into my dreams and make me feel like I can do anything.

I don't know where I'll end up in the future. All I know is that I seek Jesus daily for direction and that He will lead me where I need to be.

No more fear.
I'm gonna LIVE FREE.

I challenge you to let your fears and insecurities fall to the ground.
I challenge you to push forward.
Never settle.
Always put your heart into what you're doing.




  1. Good challenge, i like it! I feel you, I am always pursuing what I think i want and it changes and revolves so frequently.

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  2. What you're feeling is so natural. It's okay to change your mind, and it's okay to switch things up...even once you've "committed" to a career choice. There are many people in my field (sales) that are former teachers, lawyers, business owners, medical students, etc. I think what's most important is to gain as much skill and knowledge as you can in each position. So much will transfer into whatever comes next.

    Good luck :) :) :)

  3. I like that you've spent some time figuring out what you want to do in life. That's something I wish I'd done! The good thing is that with your training, you could switch it up every so often, so that you don't get too burnt out :)

  4. Thank you for posting- this is just what I needed to hear! I am trying to figure out my career path as well, and it can be so overwhelming and frustrating at times. Keep up the good attitude and keep your goal in mind- all of life is a chance to keep learning and growing. xo

  5. Those are my mantras! Live free...don't let fear determine the life you have. In all truthfulness, at least your trying! You're actually going for the things you love. And I think you'd be great at anything you do, but I really think you can do more than 1 thing with your life if you want to. Teaching will be hard, but I think elementary school is perfect for you. You'll have time at the end of the day and all summer to still have a life and I think it will be just fine!! And you can still train people on the side if you want! Don't be scared, Jess! All your blogger friends have your back too!!

  6. I did the same thing all through school. I think I changed my major six times, but like you didn't want to be miserable in an 8-5 desk job. Enter retail! I am getting ready to start a new job as a manager at Francesca's and couldn't be more excited! You'll find your niche! The most important thing is that you have people on the journey with you who love you and support you no matter what! You're going to do great things in life!

  7. Oh Jessica, I just love you. NO matter what you choose to do as a career, you are going to be awesome at it! You're such a great person & inspirational!

  8. So, I'm reading this book called "Start" by Jon Acuff, and it talks about EXACTLY what you are saying. You are young...you should be exploring different passions. Not all of your passions are THE passion that you'll be most awesome at, and that's totally cool. I'm totally NOT a reader, but I can't wait to pick up this book each evening when I get home. You should check it out!

  9. Hey Jessica! I know exactly how you feel - I actually read THIS article (see below) thanks to BlogHer about people like us who have multiple passions and want to pursue all of them. I'm so serious, one day I say I'll keep my job for awhile and the next day I'm ready to move on to something totally different in a completely different field. I too have a Mass Comm/PR degree but have considered so many other fields - not because I hate it, but because I want to try so many other things! And you know what? That's okay. I think it makes multi-passionate people like us so interesting and awesome :) Have a happy Friday!

    Here's the article:


  10. You'll be great at whatever you do! And I think it's great you know you need a job that will make you happy and you're willing to go for it. :) Good luck choosing!


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