Boots & Bling

So if you follow me on Instagram, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I'M ENGAGED!

My sweet boyfriend of almost 7 years asked me to be his wife on Wednesday, October 9, 2013! Of course I said YES!

We've had a lot of people tell us that it's about time, but HELLO we started dating when I was 16. We've been through a lot of ups, downs & changes since then, but we always came back together, which is where we know we belong. I think Adam waited until the perfect time to pop the question :)

A lot of people have been wanting the "proposal story" and most of those people expect that Adam did something elaborate based on the stuff he usually does for me. but actually a few weeks ago we were casually talking about weddings and & engagements and I told him that I wanted something simple, intimate, and important to us as a couple. Nothing crazy.

Apparently he tried to make all of these extravagant plans come together, but none of them were working out. So finally on Wednesday, he said he just got this feeling in his gut that he had to do it that night (he's had the ring since July, people...which is when he asked my parents & grandparents for my hand in marriage).

We had dinner planned for Wednesday night...nothing fancy, we just grabbed some Mexican food. I was grumpy, because Adam had to work on a friend's A/C so he was late picking me up...I don't handle being hungry well ;) So we ate dinner and then I was still being grumpy, because I'm a brat. I've been throwing a fit the last few weeks, because I was upset that we weren't engaged yet. We made the choice for me to move in with my grandparents and for him to move in with his Dad so that we could save money to buy a house for when we get married. I have MAJOR pride issues, and hated telling people that when I didn't actually have a ring on my finger. Oops...brat mode again!

Anyway, after dinner Adam had plans for us to go stargazing (it was the first COOL night in Florida...yay) in the back of his truck. Then he got a text from another friend asking if he could come look at their A/C (oh the joys of dating someone in the A/C business in Florida ;)). I was already in a bad mood so I said whatever, just go. So we go over to their house (which is where one of my best friends lives) and Adam looks at their A/C unit. Meanwhile I'm inside talking (read: whining) to Crissy about being mad that he was taking so long to propose. Neither one of us knew what was about to happen.

He finishes the A/C work and we get back into his truck. He starts to drive me home, but then drives away from the driveway again. He drove us to a big field, parked the truck, and turned on one of our songs - "Hosanna" by Jason Morant. Hearing that song made it click in my head how much of a brat I was being so I apologized. Funny how your favorite worship song will humble you REAL quick.

Under the stars, in the cool, crisp fall air, Adam takes my hand and we begin to slow dance in the bed of his truck to "Hosanna." This didn't peg me as unusual, because he's famous for putting this song on and slow dancing with me randomly to it. So we're swaying and singing, my head resting on his chest. And he whispers something that confused me. "Are you ready to stop worrying?" ...I still had no clue what was going on. He lightly pushed me to take a step back and he dropped to one knee.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS HAPPENING....is the first thought that went through my mind. I lost it. I started bawling like a baby (or a girl who's been dating a guy for almost 7 years and waiting for this moment...whichever visual you prefer). Adam said a lot of really sweet words, that I honestly can't tell you right now, because I was crying SO hard. I do remember him looking at me and saying,

"Jessica, will you be my wife?"

I lost it. I cried harder and latched onto him. I didn't even look at the ring for like 45 seconds because I was just so excited to be moving into the next step with my best friend. I responded, "YES!" right away.

We hugged and gushed. Then we went and celebrated with our friends & families!

I was proposed to on a crisp fall night, under the stars, in a field, slow dancing to my favorite worship song, in the back of a pickup truck. 

It wasn't fancy.
It wasn't elaborate.
But it was US.

I am over the moon and can't wait to spend forever with my best friend!

He did an amazing job on the ring (he went to Jared's y'all!)...it's exactly what I've aways wanted :)
And get this...we went to Barnes & Noble yesterday to buy a wedding planning binder and as he sat there watching me sit in the middle of the aisle with wedding books scattered all around me, he smiled and said, "You know what...this is gonna be fun!"


We're shooting to have the ceremony April 12, 2014 (yep...we already have a date picked out...I AM a hardcore type-A you know). I've already booked our photographers. I have an appointment to look at dresses on Tuesday (OMG). And we have a list of venues that we're going to look at next week so we can choose one and put our deposit down.


This weekend we're going to Georgia to watch Luke Bryan's Farm Tour with 5 of our friends...road trip! It's a good thing Adam decided to pop the question before I saw Luke this weekend, right? ;) Sorry Luke, I'm officially taken now.

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook last night...

My new Justin boots came in the mail today and I got a new diamond this week.
New boots & bling in the same week?! SCORE.

A girl commented on my Facebook and said that "Boots & Bling" is perfect for my wedding theme. DONE ;)

Enjoy your weekend, y'all...I'm going to plan my wedding loving heart out and frolic on a farm with my fiancé!



  1. Congrats Jessica! What a perfect engagement story, so incredibly sweet! This engagement season of your life is sure to be filled with tons of happies and I hope that you and Adam get to enjoy every second of it. I can't wait to follow along with the planning and see you as a BEAUTIFUL bride!

  2. Made me cry!!!! I am so so so excited for you and your mister...you deserve every bit of happiness that's coming to you and I can't wait to journey along on this ride with you! Planning a wedding is stressful but SO fun, so treasure every moment!!! You are going to be the most stunning bride...eeeep!!! Still can't believe it! YAYAYAY!!!!! Now it's REALLY time for a girl's trip with Meg so we can do all things wedding!!!

  3. This is perfect. People make huge deals out of elaborate proposals, but there's something so sweet and intimate about something similar. Mine was so similar, except we were on the beach.

    Congrats, again!

  4. SO excited for you!! congratulations! what a sweet story! you will be a GORGEOUS bride!!

  5. Congratulations!!! Most exciting news I've heard all week (and I don't even know you!) :) Enjoy the planning and all the excitement!

  6. congrats!!! who needs an extravagant proposal if it's NOT YOU!?! I would totally take that kind of proposal any day over some video I see on youtube (and yes, i'm starting to be "that" brat about things too... 5 years for us, it's about TIME!)

  7. Awww!! I Love love love the way he did it. Sometimes simplicity is more impactful. :) I'm not sure why I feel so excited :) haha. But I'm so happy for you two! And love the boots and bling. Perfect fit!

  8. I'm SO excited for you girlfriend!!! Congratulations, I know what a sigh of relief it is to finally tell people he popped the question!! :)

  9. BIG congrats once again, sweet friend! I'm so so happy for you and Adam! I can't wait to follow along and see you plan your perfect wedding. Your engagement story was sweet and it made me have all warm fuzzies inside :)

    Love you and happy planning!

  10. Congratulations!!!! Your engagement story is super sweet and romantic :)
    Enjoy the engagement glow and cloud 9 feeling.
    Wedding planning is fun...don't LET it stress you out--it shouldn't! :)

  11. eeeeeeeeeeek! SO happy for you two!! Can't wait to watch all the details unfold!! You are going to be such a gorgeous bride!!

  12. So exciting! Congratulations! You'll be a gorgeous bride!

  13. Major congrats girlie!!! I love the story of how he did it :)

  14. Yay!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such an exciting time :)

  15. Congrats! Sounds like an awesome way to be proposed to if you ask me! & I love the boots and your bling!

  16. SO happy for you Jess! That is the sweetest proposal ever! It says so much about your relationship...nothing over the top, just REAL and that is the best. Congrats! Can't wait to read all about the planning!

  17. Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting!!! I'm so happy for you girl!

  18. Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting!!! I'm so happy for you girl!

  19. Congratulations Jessica!! You know what's really creepy? My fiance and I have also been together since I was 16 (so about 8 years), and WE'RE ALSO GETTING MARRIED ON 12TH APRIL! We'll be wedding buddies haha! Freaky! We've been engaged since May, you're having quite a short engagement! But I bet you'll love all the planning :)

  20. This seriously made me cry! I'm SO excited for y'all. Congratulations!!

  21. I am SO over the moon for you both! 7 Years is a long time, trust me, I know I waited almost that long for my guy to propose but when you know, you know.

    *** I was also in full on brat mode wondering when and IF I was going to get the question before I got my ring isn't it funny how that works out ***

    I can't wait to see and hear all about the wedding!!! oxox

  22. Congratulations! And I love That you are already on top of things. I was the exact same way... People were shocked how quickly we booked everything! Enjoy every single moment because it's gonna fly! And good things happen on the 12, we got married July 12.

    Love the story... Sounds absolutely perfect for a country girl like you!!!!!!

  23. Such a cute and precious proposal story! I love it :) sounds romantic and perfect to me!! Congrats, Jess :) looking forward to all of your wedding plans!! XO

  24. Your engagement story could NOT be any sweeter. I love that you were dancing to a worship song. That melts my heart and made me tear up a little bit. Congrats girl...lucky number 7 I say! (That was how many years Drew and I dated before he proposed and girl I was ready too!)

  25. Love you, little sis! Congrats! Boots & Bling, it is!

  26. I love this!! Congratulations! My fiancé also waited quite a while between buying the ring/asking my parents and actually proposing (5 months!), so he was pretty nervous haha. Best of luck with wedding planning and have fun!!

  27. Welcome to wedding planning! It's a fun time. Learn to enjoy it and try to remember that things don't always go as you might originally have envisioned them. But, sometimes the plan B turns out to be way better than plan A! You'll beat us down the aisle by a few months, but at least we'll have 2014 in common! Hugs!

  28. Congratulations on your engagement! It is going to be such a fun journey for you and your love! I just got married in May and it came and was gone in an instant. Savor every moment! <3
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  29. Congrats! I love reading your blog and am happy to hear of your engagement. I, like you, have been dating my best friend for 7 years (next month) and I am in the same boat you are (or were before you got engaged). Trying to cling to the Lord, knowing that he is leading us in the direction of marriage (maybe a little slower than i'd like, if you know what i mean). So glad to hear that you're engaged and hoping I'm not far behind! Congrats :)


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