Note to Self:

Sometimes life gets a little crazy. Things come up. Your plate is piled high with more than you think you can handle.

It's easy to take your stress out on those closest to you. Really easy.
Because you see them everyday.
Because they do their best to encourage you no matter what.
Because they're supportive of what you're doing.
Because you know that no matter how bad your attitude is sometimes, they're still gonna be there rooting you on.

Well I want to take a few seconds to thank my cheerleaders.
I'm so thankful to have those people in my life.
The people who, even if I have a stressful day and come home a brat, are still there cheering me on.

Make sure to thank your cheerleaders. And to do your best to show them the patience that you show other people. And make sure to be someone's cheerleader, too!



  1. Thank goodness for people who love us no matter what right? :)

  2. Rough day with the husband today. Needed this.


    XO, Samm

  3. Hi. I hope you don't mind that I'm posting it here but I think you'd like the site www.moreloveletters.com It is a real way to give back and be an encourager to others. My son just received about 50 letters from the site and they are awesome.

  4. This is great! Definitely something we all need to keep in mind.

  5. Loooove. Thank goodness for these people!!

  6. God has a funny way of getting our attention. I have come to realize how much I rely on my family and friends and how I need to say thank you more often. After reading this, I immediately called several people simply to say thank you for being my cheerleader. We truly need to appreciate all the amazing people in our lives :)


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