Friday Love

Who is excited for the weekend? THIS GIRL! Happy Friday y'all! I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday as usual.
Here are 5 highlights from my week:

one. Adam, Buck, & I loaded up one day this week and went to my Grandma's house for dinner. Buck is so annoying in the car...he refuses to ride anywhere but right in the middle of the 2 front seats. It was fine when he was small, but now he's way too big for that. Good thing he's cute enough to get away with it ;)

two. I decided to finally jump on the statement necklace bandwagon. I wore this mint one on Thursday and decided that it's my new favorite necklace. It made me feel instantly more dressed up and put together, despite the fact that I was wearing jeans. I got it from a website called GroopDealz for $9...that's what I'm talkin about!

three. I had the day off Wednesday and I decided to take Buck for a jog/walk on the parkway near where I live. It lasted maybe 30 minutes...I thought he was gonna pass out! He was trying to hide in bushes for shade. He's kind of a wimp, but that's okay. 

four. I had orientation this week! I'm so excited to start the EPI (Educator's Preparatory Institute) program at HCC. I was really impressed with how organized the whole program is and I can tell that the staff is going to be really supportive and actually helpful...take notes USF. I'm gonna be really busy from now until April, which is when I finish the program. Bear with my inconsistent blogging :)

five. New favorite treats. SO DELICIOUS. 

I'm pretty sure if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen every single one of these pictures...oops!
Enjoy your weekend, ladies :)



  1. GROUP DEALZ for da winnnnnnnn.
    Buckkkkkkk! Silly dog front seats are for people!!! Its ok, only cause youre cute.
    Wanna come over and drink wine and eat chocolate? K Good. See you!


  2. 1. I love GroopDealz
    2. Do you have a post (or could you have a post!) about your go-to tips for fitness & healthy eating. I am realizing that all of the yummy eating I've done this summer has caught up with me and the jeans are now a bit snug. I need to get my butt in gear but I'm trying to figure out how is the best to do that! And you seem to have it pretty well figured out.

  3. ooo those dark chocolate pomegranate seeds look delish! I've never had any other than the Trader Joe's brand but I'm definitely giving these a try.

    xo, Marissa

  4. Love your pictures!!! you are so cute! Coming by from the link up. Have a great weekend!

  5. Good luck in your teaching program! You're gonna kill it!


  6. What a beautiful necklace! Hope you're glad you jumped on the bandwagon :) Stopping by from High Five for Friday link up. Come and visit - having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway! Ends tonight!

    xo Lulu

  7. Love the statement necklace! And I tried those chocolate pomegranate treats too - so delicious!

  8. Oh my gosh that picture of him licking you is too adorable!

    And yes to Groopdealz! So many good things!


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