Fashion Week: Tops & Blazers

Happy tops & blazers day, y'all!

This is another area in fashion where I struggle. I tend to stick to my cotton v-necks and call it good. But I'm getting bored with those options so it's time to up my style in the tops department. Here's what I have in mind:

Obviously I adore ruffles. They make me feel feminine and pretty. I also love the sheer top trend. It's meshes really well with the Florida heat. I'm dying to get my hands on a peplum top like you see in the last picture. They seem to flatter just about anyone who wears them. And hello, do you SEE the first top? GORGEOUS. I kinda, maybe stole it from my blog bestie's wardrobe. It's okay though, she knows I'm obsessed.

Another piece of clothing that makes me feel like I have my life together is a blazer. I have 3 and even though it's a bit too hot to wear them right now, I love wearing them in the fall or if I know I'm going to be inside all day. I have a mint one and a coral one that I love. I also have a black one that I'm not too fond of. Don't ask why I bought it...impulse buy ;) Here are some that I'm eyeing right now:

I especially love the one with the lace detail on the sleeves...how precious is that? These blazers are a fun way to add a pop of color to an outfit. And they are seriously perfect for Florida "winters."

Y'all can find all of these images on my "Dress Me Up" board on Pinterest here :)



  1. I love almost all of the tops! They look great :D I'm not really that into blazers anymore - I'd wear them for a job interview, but it was such a huge trend at my school that I'm sick of looking at them haha (ok this sounds a little too extreme, but I think you get the point :D). There are some great ones in there though!

    X Valérie

  2. A. For some reason my school alarm on my phone went off this morning which is why I am reading blogs at the butt crack of dawn. ANYWAY
    B. I will say the bra situation with top #1 was super fun... NOT! I ended up wearing petals. Which I am almost positive did nothing... ya know I am sure Austin, TX loved the show
    C. have you ever shopping "Sheinside.com" check it ouuuuuuutt
    D. Cant wait for you to rock the peplum!!!!!

  3. i love all of those blazer looks! casual and dressy all at the same time. as a teacher, i need things that cover me up but still look cute for me. thanks for the ideas!

  4. I've been thinking I need a good blazer that isn't black. Now I'm adding the last two to my shopping list! Sooo cute!

    xo, Marissa

  5. I am a blazer hoarder! Love them..and I just got on the peplum train..we will see how that grows ;)

  6. I have that green blouse/skirt combination on my Pinterest, too! Great taste. ;)


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