Fashion Week: Entire Looks

Now that I've shared individual pieces that I love, I want to show y'all entire looks that I'm loving.

1. I love casual outfits that still look put together and fashionable. This one is perfect...down to the braided bangs!
2. The jeans & heels combo has won my heart over.
3. This is the perfect teacher outfit. I adore the color combo!

4. I would totally feel like a mermaid in this flowy outfit. Coral & white is one of my favorite color combos.
5. Can you really go wrong with a chambray? No, I didn't think so either.
6. Add a pop of turquoise to my already favorite coral & white combo and I swoon.

7. This skirt. CMON. So cute. I am all about this peach/mint pairing. And I love the shape of this entire outfit.
8. Coral & white strikes again. And those heels...yes, please.
9. And since it is still summer, the perfect summer outfit. Dressy shorts with a cute blouse. Yay for looking put together without having to sweat to death in layers of clothing.

Thanks for following my Fashion Week adventure! It was a lot of fun browsing my virtual Pinterest closet and planning my future wardrobe.

In case you missed anything:

Monday: Shoes & Accessories
Tuesday: Skirts & Dresses
Wednesday: Top & Blazers

And again, all of the images that I've used this week can be found on my "Dress Me Up" Pinterest board here.

See y'all tomorrow for High Five for Friday!



  1. You've got some great shaped outfits here!!! Love all the color combos too. I think you can capture "FL style" in the color combos you pick!

  2. I love these looks!! Too cute :)

  3. I love fashion week. I like the lovely outfits. Bella clothing is the best option for girls if they are not availing designer clothing.


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