Summers on the River

As a born & raised Florida girl I love water! Lakes, oceans, gulfs, rivers, creeks...you name it and I want to be around it!

Last Saturday Adam & I went canoeing/kayaking with two of our good friends. If you're from Florida, you know that it rains pretty much every afternoon in the summer months. But we weren't gonna let that stop us from our weekend adventure!

We woke up early (well early for us anyway) Saturday morning, met up with Arron & Crissy, grabbed some breakfast at Panera (if you haven't had their oatmeal you're missing out), loaded our cooler with H2O (and beer, duh), then headed to the river! We rented 2 kayaks and 1 canoe. We would've got 4 kayaks, but they were sold out. We made it work though.

Crissy & I started out in the canoe, but after about an hour into the 4 hour trip, we decided that it might be better if we had one of the guys to help steer the canoe since we spent more time stuck in trees than floating down the river ;)

Once we made the switch, I ended up in a kayak. I've been canoeing before, but this was the first time I've been in a kayak in a few years. We had a blast! About halfway through our trip the Florida sunshine decided to peace out and we were stuck on the river in the rain. Thankfully it wasn't a bad storm...but we pulled over on the bank and did some exploring (aka got destroyed by mosquitos) to pass the time.

These are my favorite ways to spend summer days...with good friends, good beer and on the water!

That last picture is just too good not to share...it was Crissy & I attempting to change places in the canoe. Lord knows how one of us didn't end up face planting in the river...



  1. kayaking is SO fun. We started out with a canoe when I moved here. Then eventually wanted to try out kayaking. We purchased one for each of us and haven't looked back. Now we are happy to have the canoe so friends can go with us at the drop of a hat!!!

  2. eeek! seth and i went kayaking on monday, it was such a blast -- and such a great workout!

  3. Awe this looks so fun! Yall remind me of my fiance and I.. always looking for a new adventure to experience.


  4. I miss kayaking! I haven't been since I was about 14. So much fun!

    carelessly graceful

  5. So fun!! Drew and I have a canoe and have yet to use it this summer...shame on us! I need to get on that! Glad you had fun...and that last photo definitely needed to be shared. Haha.

  6. That sounds like so much fun. I now have an urge to go kayaking this weekend!

    xx Cara

  7. Despite possibly eating some leaves and or spiders that was such a fun day with you guys! Lets do it again soon! ;D


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