Summer Makeup Lovin

I'm not a huge makeup girl. I wear it, but I'm not really passionate/educated about it. I'm trying to learn more about it though. After watching YouTube videos and reading some beauty blogs, I've found my perfect summer makeup combo:

1. Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm: I know I'm late to the BB Cream party, but hey, better late than never right? I LOVE this stuff. It had SPF 45 in it, and with my fair-ish skin, I'm all about protecting my face from the Florida rays. Don't want wrinkles at 25! I actually wear this in place of my foundation usually. If I'm really dressing up I'll still wear my Bare minerals powder over this. It's enough coverage for me and it really evens out my skin tone. Not to mention the moisture is fantastic.

2. Benefit Cosmetics > Benetint: I've never been a huge blush wearer, but I love using a stain much better then a powder. It doesn't make my face rosy, but instead gives me just a little pop of color and brightens my face. Best part is...you can use this as a lip stain, too!

3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer: When I wake up in the morning my under eyes need some real help. I don't have dark circles, but my under eyes are lighter than the rest of my face, which makes me look really tired. I haven't found a great concealer that doesn't get stuck in my creases so I wanted to find something else. Mixing this and the BB cream is working for me so far. I use this highlighter pen around my eyes, on the sides of my nose, and on the corners of my mouth.

4. Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster Tint: I'm a lip goss/balm hoarder. I swear I have over 30 tubes scattered throughout my apartment. It's a little ridiculous. But that doesn't stop me from buying more. I bought this one in 2 shades: Achiote & Fiery. Achiote is what I've been wearing on a daily basis...it's a softer shade. And Fiery is a red, which I haven't worn yet. These give my lips a good color and shine. Plus I love that it comes in a twist up tube...I feel like I'm coloring my lips with a marker, which makes it easy to keep it where it's supposed to be and not on my teeth ;)

5. Benefit > Brow Zings: I never thought I would be one to use any type of product on my eyebrows. But Adam's sister showed me how big of a difference a little bit of eyebrow powder can make. It really helps frame my face. Now I don't go anywhere without a little bit of eyebrow powder.

6. Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow: I've always been really bad at doing eyeshadow. I'm just not good at blending or any of that jazz. But this is the first time I've used an eyeshadow pencil and it's a lot easier for me. I got this in the pearly taupe shade and it's perfect for everyday wear.

7. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: I bought this eyeliner in two shades: Bourbon & Smog. I think I like Bourbon better...it has a little gold in it so it's softer for everyday wear. I like how this eyeliner lasts all day. Other liners that I've used smudge halfway through the day.

I've taken a lot of leaps with these products and gone for pricer options, but so far it seems like the quality is worth it.

What makeup products are you loving this summer?



  1. I love Dr. Jart! I use the one in the green tube and have tried the one in the black tube, but wasn't a fan, I wonder how the gold tube compares? I am going to have to pickup that maybelline highlighting concealor because I have the same problem with creasing.

  2. i use a lot of these as well. they are awesome.
    i would have loved to have seen a picture of you with a face full of these products, just to see what you look like wearing it all (:

  3. Love these picks! Like you I'm not super passionate about makeup but, I love my BB cream foundation! It is AMAZING!

  4. Great picks! I've got to try the Tarte Lipsurgence!

  5. Benetint is one of my favorites, it's perfect for summer!


  6. I love the LumiTouch concealer! Probably my favorite concealer so far.

    I'm also really digging the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush. There was a little bit of a learning curve when I first started using it (switching from a powder to a cream blush), but now I love it. Even when I get all sweaty at work it stays on.

    I'll teach you how to apply eye shadow!

  7. I love the Maybelline Dream Lumi highlighting concealer, but man does it run out quick. I've already gone through 2 tubes since purchasing it. SO sad, but SO good at brightening my eyes. I have horrible circles and this paired with another Neutrogena product do wonders for me.

    I need to get that Benetint AND Dr. Jart BB cream!

  8. Benefit tint was my first high end makeup purchase EVER. I love it. I still go back to it and repurchase it when its empty. SO GOOD. And perfect for girls that dont love lipstick like moi! :) Love the post girl!


  9. Oh eyebrow powder?? Intriguing!! I love cheek tint it is perfect for the southern heat!!! Love it!

  10. Great picks! I am such a Tarte and Benefit fan.

    The Grass Skirt


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