A Week Worth High Fiving About

It's Friday, which means that I'm linking up with Lauren to share 5 highlights from my week :)

one. My sweet Grandma (Toy) told me to meet her at the mall before work one day this week. She bought me a new leopard print Coach purse...I DIE. So perfect. I love it! Plus she has the same purse...twinzies ;)

two. I spent a night this week out on the patio watching the rain, sipping some sangria, painting my nails and pinning my little heart out. Very relaxing.

three. Adam brought me home some gorgeous lilies. I am obsessed with how they make my kitchen smell and the orange color is perfect!

four. I was feeling bold on Tuesday and rocked some red lips!

five. Wednesday morning I did an intense workout and Wednesday evening I enjoyed some sangria and a dark chocolate with mint swirl...it's all about balance, right?!

You've probably seen most of these pictures if you follow me on Instagram! Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies :)



  1. Looks like an awesome week! Yay for new Coach purses!!

  2. Stopping by from High Five For Firday link up! I could pin all day and night... and with sangria on top of that! YUM! On another note... you are ripped!! You may put the 'Situation' to shame!

  3. Just stopping by to show some love from the blog hop. The lilies are beautiful. Happy Friday!


  4. See... the balance thing is what I need to learn. 1 Chocolate Mint Swirl would turn into me having the whole bag... I think. ;)

  5. Your grandma sounds like the cutest! And drinking wine while listening to the rain sounds heavenly :) LOVE the red lips girl!

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