My Morning Ritual

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I'm feeling a lot better...still sore, but nothing to complain about too much. The best part about not having to work this week is getting to do my morning routine just how I want to at my own pace.

Yesterday Adam & I woke up around 7:30. We made ourselves cups of coffee and enjoyed them while sitting on the porch overlooking the lake that's behind my apartment. He put on some worship music and we both read passages from the Bible & I journaled a little bit. It felt good to get back into journaling. It's one of my favorite ways to express myself and get my thoughts organized. We've been making an effort to pray together at least once a day and yesterday morning Adam asked if I wanted to pray for us that day. I've always been shy about praying out loud in front of people, but Adam encouraged me and I did it.

I cannot begint to explain the difference in our relationship since we decided to step back, reevaluate, and make Jesus our foundation again. I'm so thankful for His grace.

Do you have a favorite morning routine? My days just wouldn't be the same without mine!



  1. I love this :) everything about it! What a blessing girl :)

  2. I love this! I think that the only way for any relationship to survive the test of time is to put God first.
    I love the saying, "A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek HIm to find her" by Max Lucado! You are setting a great example for all of us :)


  3. Ohhh, Jessica I just love yall! :) Have a great day, girl!

  4. So glad to hear you are doing OK after surgery! That morning routine sounds wonderful :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. sounds like a perfect morning! what a good thing to do - pray together. Chris and I started doing that nightly a year and half ago and I'm SO glad!

  6. This is so sweet, Jess. I cherish the times I get to start the day with Ronnie with our bibles and worship music. We try to pray together everyday too, sometimes it ends up just being over a meal but it means SO much to me. So great. <3 Glad you're recovering nicely!!

  7. Love this girly! I've been waking up so dang early lately for no reason at all besides the fact that my body has a gnarly internal alarm clock, haha, and I have been reading Captivating - great book if you haven't read it!

    So glad to hear that recovery is going well! Can't wait to see pics! =)

  8. this is such a sweet post. it's amazing how great you can feel in a relationship when you're on the same page.

    and i'm glad you're not too sore! fyi, i might be sending you an email soon with questions - i've been thinking of getting a boobie job myself. hope you recover swiftly :)

  9. My morning routine is to hit the snooze button 7 times. ;)
    I didn't do it yesterday or today (for which I feel physically terrible), but I've been getting up and running at 5:30. It's really the only time I can run now, since it's like 90+ degrees each day. But then it's shower, breakfast and quick interwebs checking before I'm out the door!

    carelessly graceful

  10. I love this! I've always been shy about praying out loud in front of people as well.

  11. Love it! I used to have a routine...until I had my baby. LOL.
    The Grass Skirt

  12. Sounds like an amazing ritual :) Love your heart friend!! xoxoxo

  13. Is that beautiful cover for your journal or Bible? I love it!


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