Weekend Love

This weekend was much needed and full of relaxing. Now I'm ready to take this week head on. Lots of Glisten planning, working out, working at Airite...let's go!

Here's a look into my weekend:


Was spent working all day (buzzkill) but afterwards I went to a Lingerie Shower for one of my friends who is getting married this summer! This was the first Lingerie Shower that I've ever been to and it was a lot of fun. I even won the contest for best toilet paper lingerie costume ;) (don't worry, the costume was on top of my regular clothes, ha).


I had to wake up early, but it was worth it to spend the morning with my family watching my little brother graduate. It was pretty weird being back at USF knowing that I graduated a year ago...where does the time go, y'all? But it's official that both my brother & I are USF Alum! So proud of him.

We're not too sure what happened to his hand in the first picture. Sacrifice as a part of getting his degree we guess. And in the second picture he is telling me that he has nowhere to hold onto because I am so short...thank you for that, brother!

After graduation I spent some time puppy sitting, baking, working out and reading. I finished reading Requiem and honestly...boo on the ending. I was getting really into the story and appreciated how intense things started getting toward the end. But then the very end was such a cliff hanger. And this was the last book in the trilogy so that was a disappointment. Moving on to the next book...The Silver Linings Playbook!

I also made some blueberry lemon zest protein muffins that are super delicious. And hung out with Buck...who has found a way to be even crazier than usual, if you can't tell by the bottom right picture. I love how playful he is. We spend hours outside running around and soaking up the sunshine.


I started Sunday off with my usual Sunday Runday. I am not a runner and don't enjoy it (yet) but I run 3 miles every Sunday just to mix my cardio up throughout the week. I had to rep my USF shirt since graduation was the day before...Go Bulls!

In honor of it being Cinco de Mayo, Adam & I got our drink on (Corona-style, duh!) and enjoyed some pita chips, guac & salsa. After we finished that we lounged by the pool...it was the perfect afternoon. When I told him to come take a picture with me in the mirror, he was like uhhh how if we're too tall? Obviously since I'm a blogger I have the mirror picture mastered...it's all about the squat & head tilt, babe ;) Gotta know for when he starts taking #ootd pictures, right? HA!

I took Buck to my apartment for a few hours to play and we had a mini photoshoot on the car ride there. He is getting SO big and it's funny, because he still thinks that he's a lap dog...

It was a successful weekend FO SHO. I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend :) Oh and I leave you with this gem since everyone finds it necessary to rag on my driving all the time...

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  1. Bear is 60 lbs and 8 years old and he still think he can fit in my lap. Don't worry, Buck will never outgrow it. :)

  2. Buck is so stinking cute. I WANT A PUPPY.
    Sounds like a supa fun weekend! I cant believe Adam doesn't have the mirror pic mastered... shameful!


  3. I am so stoked for Glisten and can't wait to learn how to get legs like yours! Seriously...I want to get myself some booty shorts!

  4. That is one packed weekend! WOW! You're superwoman, aren't you? :)

  5. Buck is SO cute! Congrats to your little brother, and what a fun idea for a shower :)

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