Hey y'all! My goodness I have been awful at blogging lately. Please forgive me. Life has taken quite a few surprise turns. I'm still working on Glisten stuff, don't you worry :) I just found out that I'm having surgery June 14th (more on that in a post next week) so that's gonna push filming back a few weeks. I'm gonna try to film a few videos before surgery so that I can start posting as soon as the website is done though! I have a lot to share with y'all and plan on doing so next week in various posts!

This weekend I will be in Cocoa Beach soaking up the sunshine with my family! I am SO excited. Thanks for sticking around and I PROMISE that next week I'll fill you in on all of my juicy details ;)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

EDIT: The surgery that I'm having is cosmetic! I am TOTALLY okay :) Thanks for the concern! Y'all are the best!



  1. Surgery?!
    I hope all is good lady!
    Saying a little prayer for you.

  2. Praying for you! I hope you're okay. That beach looks incredible. I'm jealous. Real jealous. :) have the best time though!!! XO

  3. I hope everything goes well with surgery. I can't wait to see what Glisten holds for all of us! :)

  4. I'll be sending all the good vibes I can summon. I'm Kathleen's bff/new roomie. Y'all make blogging look so fun that I decided to join in. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  5. Glad you "checked in" and that I'm reading this after the edit! Can't wait to hear what you've been up to. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. glad you added that edit in there :) hope you had a great weekend!

  7. I was starting to worry! Hope everything's OK, and hope you had fun at the beach :)

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