Glisten Update

So on April 25 I announced my business idea of Glisten. You can read about it here if you missed that post. I've had an incredible amount of support and so many of y'all are excited with me, which makes me even MORE excited :) So thank you!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little update on what's going on with Glisten...you know to keep you in the loop!

I know it's hard for people to see what I'm doing, since I'm currently doing most of the planning and back end stuff, but I promise that I haven't quit! Starting a business takes a lot more time & money than I anticipated, but I can tell you one thing...it's not stopping me. I'm also working a lot at my other job right now. In case you didn't know, this is the time of the year where it starts getting brutally hot in Florida. I work for an A/C company so needless to say, this is our busy season. We will be running around like crazies until about October/November. I work there during the day, then come home and work on Glisten stuff at night. Plus I have to keep on top of my own training sessions & eating clean. Along with trying to have a decent social life, I find myself getting pretty exhausted lately.

When I announced Glisten to y'all...it was barely in the works. An idea that I had and wanted to bring to life. I was too excited to keep it from you though. So you have to understand that I'm in the very early stages of the launch process...aka the planning and behind the scenes stuff. I'm doing lots of research and planning. LOTS. I'm trying to build a brand. And I don't want anything to go live until I have something AWESOME to present to y'all. I know it won't be perfect or complete when I do launch, but I want it to have substance, if that makes any sense.

Here's what I've done:

- Took and passed my NASM-CPT exam. Kind of an important step in the process ;)

- Hired a web host & designer. I have been corresponding with him for a few weeks and he knows what I'm looking for. I've given him all the info that I can so he's busy working his magic to make my site come to life :)

- Made my business official with the State of Florida. I am officially the owner/operating manager of Glisten Fit, LLC. I needed to do this, because although Glisten will be mostly online-based, I'm still going to be offering in-person training to locals.

- Bought insurance so that I can work as a personal trainer.

- Created a weekly schedule for posts on the Glisten blog. I have a theme for every weekday.

- Created a Twitter and Facebook page for Glisten. I haven't been using them too much, but once the website is launched I will be using them way more often.

- Created a Storeenvy site to sell the tank tops and other Glisten gear. My web designer is gonna spruce this up so that it matches the website.

- Bought a camera that I can use to record workout videos on. I also bought Photoshop Elements so that I can create printable workout routines for y'all to be able to take to the gym with you :)

Here's what's in the works:

- My logo has just been completed (my designer wants to clean it up a little bit but the idea is set) so I'm planning on having Glisten tank tops ASAP!

- Sometime this year I'm going to study to become a NASM-FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) so that I can help people build meal plans to go with the workout plans that I help them create.

- I'll be teaching bootcamp classes locally so I'm working on getting permits and equipment for those.

- I decided on a company to print the tanks, so I have to make time to go meet with them once the logo is finalized.

- I need to quit being a baby and get over my insecurities of filming workout videos. Granted, I won't be posting them until the Glisten site is up, so I have a few weeks left to build my courage up. Don't y'all worry...the videos are NOT an option. They will be happening ;)

- Wait patiently for the website to be completed :)

My mom sent me that the other day and I just loved it too much not to share!

I promise to keep y'all updated every step along the way :)
And thank you times a million for your patience and endless encouragement...it keeps me going!



  1. I can't wait!! I know it's gonna be awesome!!

  2. Awesome! I wish you good luck :D I love this post, it's really inspiring in a way!


  3. so exciting! can't wait to see your website!

  4. Love the last quote! Can't wait to see the website & everything else you do!! Especially the tank tops! Heyyy, I'll model one for ya ;) haha! I wouldn't look as good as you though!

  5. Quit being a baby --blog BFF

    Also phone date needed

  6. Girl, you take all the time you need! It's better to take time in the beginning to make sure everything is right than having to backpedal once you're off and running!
    Can't wait to buy a tank! Make sure we can order them in pretty big sizes, cause my (big) chest makes finding cute workout tops hard to find (and that makes me sad...)

    carelessly graceful

  7. Hey girl!
    I think it's great that you are going to get certified as a nutrition specialist. It will definitely bring your business to a new level and give you and advantage that I think a lot of personal trainers are missing. If you have any time to read a book, I highly recommend "the fast metabolism diet" by Haylie Pomroy. I don't think it's the best diet to be on for everyone but it is packed with wonderful science-based information.

    Keep shining,

  8. What a great post to read in the morning. Thank you for sharing the quote your mom shared with you

  9. So so so so SO PROUD of you!!! Seriously, you are doing an amazing job and I cannot wait to see all your hard work come to life! :)

    WOO HOO!! :)

  10. The best things in life take work. :) I'm so proud of you and excited for you.

    #1 fan.

    Yeah, I said it, Toy.

  11. Soooo excited!! Take your time girl, so many ppl think they just have to think of a business and then boom! Its there! .... if only that were true! So proud of you. Let me know if you need any branding advice at all!

  12. This is probably the most exciting time of building a brand--getting to do all of the planning and decision-making! (I work at an advertising agency, so this is what I luuuuuuurv. :P) I can't wait to see what comes next!

  13. This is awesome, and I must say -- I'm super jealous of your new business venture. I wish I had something to create my own business with, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Whatever. Good for you!

    Can't wait for Glisten :)


  14. I've been reading your blog for a while now but haven't ever commented before! Haha...just wanted to add to all the encouragement. I'm truly impressed with your courage to follow your dreams. As a college kid enduring final's weak, your perseverance and determination is contagious! Not to mention ya look so cute doing it. :) That's pure talent right there.

    All the best!

  15. This all sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the logo, tanks, website, etc :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. It all sounds awesome! Good luck... excited to see the next update!

  17. So exciting! I think your workout videos will be amazing. I can't wait for them. Just be you. :)


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