Throwin Up My 5

Happy Friday, y'all! I didn't have Internet yesterday hence the lack of posting...boo. But I'm back in action and today I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday. Here's a look at 5 highlights from my week:

one. One of my besties took me paddle boarding on Saturday...we spent the day in the sunshine and it was a beautiful thing. And bonus: neither one of us fell off the board! It was definitely a good core workout!

two. This week's Target haul was a good one. New sunnies, sandals, stationary & a notebook. I wore the coral sandals one day this week and love them...so comfy!

three. I enjoyed my Wednesday morning coffee in an adorable mug from my blog bestie. Thanks, Meg! You made my coffee time much cuter.

four. I spent a little bit of time doing some planning for my fitness business this week! I'm really excited for what's to come and have been telling myself, "Your dream job doesn't exist. You must create it."

five. Tuesday night, Adam & Buck came over. We (read: Adam) cooked a delicious dinner and we took Buck on a nice long walk. Isn't he getting so big?!

Enjoy your weekend, lovlies!



  1. I've never gone paddle boarding so I am extremely jealous!

  2. love those stamps, i also wanna go paddle boarding and the dog is so cute! :) have a nice thursday!

  3. Ok, Ok, I'm convinced. Headed to get those sandals tomorrow. They'll look adorable with my new navy peplum top...

  4. I have always wanted to try paddleboarding. I also want to try yoga on a paddleboard, it looks like fun!

  5. jealous of your bikini weather!! and that mug is so cute! happy friday jess!!

  6. I"m currently fighting the urge to run to Target and get myself that notebook and those notecards--so cute!

  7. girl. you have such a rockin' bod! and that's possibly the best target haul ever...I really want that notebook!

  8. I have mug problems, too many. I love that one. Love the Target notebook too.

    Happy weekend!

  9. Love the cute mug. I had a great Target haul this week too...twice. Haha. Happy Friday!

  10. You have such a cute little bikini bod girlfriend, I'm jealous! And great target haul, I'm in love with that stationary.

  11. I have been DYING to try paddle boarding it looks like SO much fun. My husband is even interested in it. Now we just need to get to the beach!!!

    Buck makes me melt every time I see him!!! Adorbs!

  12. Obvi I love number 3!!!
    I cant believe how big Buck is getting! I cant wait to get a puppy!!


  13. I love that mug. Also, I'm terrified of paddle boarding because I know I would fall off and then not be able to get back on.

  14. Happy Friday girl!

    I can't believe how big the puppy is getting. He is still super cute!

    Also, you're going to have to stop changing your "I'm Wearing" to the cutest colors ever. ;) I've already bought like 3 you've had on there!! I love this new one though. Gotta go find it!

  15. Target is such an amazing place, right? lol. I bought some cute sandals just like yours in a metallic color.


  16. Target hauls are always the best!
    and I want to try paddle boarding so badly! Hopefully I'll be able to this summer!

  17. Those sandals are adorable!!!!! Ive been trying to reign in my Target shopping, but I have a feeling it wont last past this week :)
    Hope you have an awesome Monday, and that your weekend was wonderful!

  18. Hi A really nice post - omg the dog with his tonnage out so cute.


  19. Your journal is so pretty and Buck is a serious cutie! Is he an AmStaff?? I have one too :)


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