Remember When Online Dating Was Creepy?

Don't worry, I'm not dating anyone that I met online. But do y'all remember when meeting someone online was kind of taboo? I mean, it's 2013 and the first time that I met up with someone that I met via blogging, my family was kind of freaking out a little. I don't blame them, because I know they were concerned for my safety. But I feel like the blogging community has such a crazy, awesome connection that people who don't blog (we need to think of a cool name for them...like muggles) don't fully grasp. I'm so thankful for all of the relationships that I've formed because of starting this little blog of mine.

One friendship that I'm particularly grateful for is the one with my blog bestie, Meg. She's a rockstar. She teaches middle school. She's a photographer. She's a Betty Crocker in the kitchen. She's a blogger...obviously (who did her own blog design...holla!). She's thoughtful. And extremely witty.

When I first started blogging, I spent a lot of time creeping on other blogs. I wanted to make friends. I'm a creeper...just being honest ;) I wanted to connect with people through blogging. I wanted to learn from them. I can't tell you how I found Meg's blog, but I'm so glad I did. I don't know how we established the fact that we were blog besties...it just kinda happened. And then when we met in real life in December, we became even better friends.

Ready for some sap? I really think God knew what he was doing when he put her in my life. She is so thoughtful, and I know she's got my back. Our conversations are ridic. She's the perfect amount of witty to offset my sassiness. We can appreciate each other's love for list-making and often converse via lists. Our sense of humors (and use of shortened words) mesh perfectly. See what I mean...

We text, tweet, email and/or Instagram each other weekly. It's the best. 
Picture 1: I sent Meg that coffee mug.
Picture 2: This tweet is funny, because she was absolutely correct...my friend Curt replied acting like a creep. 

The main reason I wanted to dedicate a post to the fabulous Meg today is because of a package that I got in the mail yesterday from her. She put this little goodie pack together to help me celebrate passing my CPT exam! See, told you she was sweet!

I really want y'all to read all of the little notes that she included in the package. I was seriously ROLLING on the floor laughing when I read them yesterday. Things like this make me wish that Texas & Florida merged together.

Can we talk about how cute her handwriting is? Really freaking cute. Also, please ignore my disgusting nails. Good thing she included some nail polish in my package, which I used to paint my nails right after seeing that picture. On to some more hilarious tid-bits...

Moral of the story: If you don't have a blog bestie, you're missing out.
Moral #2: Sorry that I already have dibs on the ultimate blog bestie.

Oh and last thing: Meg just totally revamped her blog. New name. New look. And I am OBSESSED. Fun fact: she did her design herself. That girl's got skills, y'all.

Okay, LOVE YOU MEG! Thanks for being the best of the best.



  1. This is why I love y'all. So precious! You are adorable, and so is she!

  2. I love it! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! And yes-her handwriting? To die for!

  3. A. I hate you for publishing that god aweful picture inch the Internet. Awk.
    B. I don't think I could receive a higher compliment than being called whity. It's kinda my life goal ok like a sub goal.
    C. Well at least I know youll be caffeinated/wined up, have clean dishes, pretty nails and big dreams.
    D. Did I tell you I am turning my hand writing into a font? It'll be a few months a little summer project of mine!
    E. I LOVE YOU and my WHOLE POST.

  4. Um you guys are the cutest and I kind of want to be best friends with you both :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. i think it is so cute you found a bestie on the blog! i have a few i talk too, sometimes i think they are better friends than what i have around here! oh, i hope my comment didn't complete p-you off yesterday. i wasn't trying to be judgemental or negative... just telling you how it is in the DC area!!

  6. This is so sweet!

    For the record, I met my husband online, in 2005 - via myspace.com... I was so happy I took the chance to meet him in person, oddly enough those before my big trip to meet him, I made a mug shot of him and his friends for my father with all their cell #'s and contact info and addresses. Better safe than sorry! Glad they didn't need to be used ;) haha

  7. This is so awesome! Why do I suddenly envision people putting out personal ads for blog besties? Maybe because I'm writing one right now? Ha!

  8. You two are adorable. She has fabulous handwriting and I love that card.

  9. you two are sooo sweet!! love how your friendship has blossomed into being so comfy and whitty with each other!! Goes to show how blogging works miracles meeting the best of the best!!!


  10. This is so cute! :) I'm so glad you two found each other! I think it is so important to have great friends and you two are a wonderful example of how great blogging and connecting with fellow bloggers can be!

    Love you both a TON! :)

    Ps. I'm glad to be able to say that I too have met both of you! :) woo hoo!

  11. Meg is such a sweetheart. And yes, PLEASE come up with a name for non-bloggers! That seriously made me laugh-out-loud.

  12. Things I did not mention in my first comment.

    A. I hope I never actually punch a baby in the face or I am SCREWED when people google my name + punch a baby in the face

    B. I still think my hand is super weird in that picture. Like a lobster claw... an awkward lobster claw

    C. I miss spelled wit in my first comment and it has bugged me all day WIT not WHIT. Geeze #englishteacherprobz

    D. Surprised both comments were in a list?... yah me either


  13. That's the very best thing about the way blogging has changed...I love that we can CONNECT with other people and not seem like total creepers! :)

  14. Awww, so sweet!!! I always want to connect with bloggers. It's the best thing about blogging if you ask me.

    You're a lucky girl! :)

  15. This post is great! It gives me hope for my own blog bestie. Ha! And I'm totally a creeper, too!

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