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After hearing about things like what happened in Boston yesterday, I just want to say that my heart, my thoughts & my prayers genuinely go out to every single person who was affected by what happened at the Boston Marathon. I can't imagine the pain, hurt & anxiety that is staining the hearts of so many people.

It's encouraging to hear about things like Overcome the Lie during times like this. Overcome the Lie is all about empowering a generation of women to overcome the lie because Jesus overcame the grave.

Today I want to share some of what has been on my heart. Sometimes life can get a little crazy. Crazy as in, not exactly what we have planned. But guess what y'all...that's okay. I'm learning that I don't have all of the answer and more importantly, I'm not supposed to. That's what faith is for. I don't have all the answers, but my Savior does so all I have to worry about is casting my worries on Him. Trusting Him. Leaning on Him.

Doesn't that take a load off? Knowing that you don't have to worry. That you shouldn't worry. That it's your job not to worry. I don't know about you but I just took a deep, relieving breath of fresh air after letting that sink in.

Most of what goes on in my life doesn't make sense to me. Not necessarily in a bad way but more like an uhh this is not going as my bullet point listed life plan is written out. You feel me type-A ladies? Anyway, I've been learning that I have to be persistent in trusting Jesus. I have to choose to trust Him daily. Some days are easier than others, sure. But I have been reminding myself that persistence is key in making an impact.

I refuse to give up. I refuse to give in. I refuse to lose faith.
I choose to keep pushing. I choose to keep fighting. I choose to trust Him.

The wonderful Overcome the Lie team has made a print that y'all can buy from their store to go along with this post:

If you want to connect with Overcome the Lie and support what they're doing, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter & on their website.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies :)



  1. FRIEND!!! We were in each other's minds when we wrote up Tuesday's post because you and I are speaking loudly of FAITH!! Having our faith overcome our fears is so much more powerful than worrying over things we have absolutely no control over!

    I'm so happy to hear you talk about being fearless, and walking in the path of the Lord. He always has our answers :)


  2. I wish I could have as much faith as you Jess...I could use it right now :) But I know what you mean...I'm total type A and it's definitely hard when things don't go according to the bullet point list!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. AMEN-- I always say "God has a away of changing what we have planned in sharpie!"

    Loveeeee youuuuu!
    Prayers for you A. Always B. to plan in pencil

  4. This was a post I really needed to hear today. I think everyday I wake up and worry that life didn't pan out exactly how I thought it would and I feel like I should have all the answers now. But you're right, I need to trust that there is a bigger plan and just let that worry go. Thanks for sharing Jess

  5. You are preaching to the choir friend.
    I make lists of the lists I need to make lol i just like to know I'm being productive and to control so much. But alas, God takes my lists and throws them out the window somedays and tells me to trust in Him. So freaking hard some times!!
    Thanks for sharing your heart today :-)

  6. I'm with Annie. Your faith is so admirable! It's so amazing that you have something to fall back on in times like this.


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