Friday Has My Heart

Happy Friday :) So excited to see the weekend...but then again, when am I not? I'm doing the usual and linking up with Lauren to share 5 highlights from my week!

one. I'm official! My NASM-CPT certification certificate came in the mail this week...woo!

two. My favorite dinner from this week: wine/berries & flatbread pizza...delish!

three. Working on some business plans. I can't wait to share the details with y'all.

four. One of my sweet friends saw this at a flea market and thought of me...so he got it for me. I love it!

five. I went cosmic bowling with a group of friends for the first time in forever. In case you were wondering, I'm still awful at bowling but still think it's a blast. Especially when you have beer. Yep.

Enjoy your weekend, sweets :)



  1. I'm terrible at bowling, too. I go along because I am a good sport. :)

  2. I hate bowling because I am so horrible at it. Maybe I need to try cosmic bowling instead. :)


  3. I can't believe how quickly your Friday posts come around. I swear it was only like 2 days ago you posted one last?! Bahhh this week has gone so quickly!

    Anyway, I love these posts, you inspire me to do interesting things - if I did one of these it'd be far less interesting than yours haha :)

  4. Please share with us how you drink beer and piña coladas and keep those abs. You look amazing!!

  5. I still need the bumpers up when I'm sober to be a decent bowler. :P And I'm totally copying you this weekend and throwing some frozen fruit into my wine - it's been one of those weeks!

    carelessly graceful

  6. Stream of conscience comment ready go.

    I need a new bathing suite... jess looks so Florida.... oh im putting strawberries in my next glass of wine.... I know something you dont know blogworld #blogBFFperks....that was sweet...bowling... we should go bowling.

    the end.
    love you
    happy weekend

  7. I love Cosmic bowling, but I'm terrible too. Haha. Oh well. Happy weekend!!

  8. Cosmic bowling is my FAVE! also, i love that painting (or whatever it is).. I might just have to recreate it!! thanks for posting it =)

  9. You fancy with yo' wine goooorl... makes me wanna indulge with some of that scrummy lookin' pizza!!

    That flea market find is perfection!! I need to have my friends talk to yo' friends to give them hints on what to look for!!


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