Wine, Puppies & Abs Make for a Good Post?

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm gonna get right to it and share my 5 favorite things from this week:

one. Wednesday night was girls' night in. Some much needed time with 2/3 of my besties, wine (or beer in Danielle's case), nail polish & a lot of laughing was just what I needed.

two. Okay, I know I'm a tool for posting this picture (at least that's what Adam told me, ha!) but I just wanted to document the fact that I have been waking up at 5am so that I can workout before work. I also wanted to let y'all know that I haven't set foot in a gym in over 3 weeks. That's right...I've been doing all my workouts at home and I feel better than ever! HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are where it's at...forreals.

three. I got a Facebook message from a lady I used to go to church with offering me free Kenny Chesney tickets...um WHAT? I've been trying to win them on the radio for months, y'all! She said that she was scrolling through her newsfeed and noticed how I always gush about Luke Bryan so she figured I'd get good use out of the tickets. See...my love for Luke comes in handy ;) I got 10 free tickets and can't wait for the concert Saturday!

four. Buck officially has all of his shots :) He is a healthy boy! And growing so dang fast!

five. My favorite outfit that I wore this week was an orangish lace dress (thank you, Target) and my boots.


I'm linking up with Lauren for High 5 for Friday!

Also, if you haven't been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard about all the Google Reader stuff. Well if you want, you can follow my blog using Bloglovin. I just switched over to that instead of Google Reader and so far so good :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ok. You look amazing. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Come move closer to me and be my workout coach!!!!!

  2. You look great! I'm struggling at the moment with my changing body but I keep reminding myself that I'm pregnant! I cannot wait until August when I can work out properly again!

    Have a great weekend.

    Liane x

  3. Wow, girl....you're abs are looking amazing! I'm working on mine too but I don't think they look that good. :) And I love the orange lace dress! So cute!

  4. A few things...

    1. your abs are AMAZING!!! If I ever move back down south I will hire you as my personal trainer :)

    2. Kenny Chesney he isn't Luke, but he'll do for now. I have been trying to win Tickets for months too, but my radio station always gives it to people who are under excited. I am starting to think it is rigged and they find the most boring people in the world to give them too, lol.


    4. I love your outfit, especially the bracelet.

    Have a great weekend girl!

  5. What great motivation to keep working out - good work girl! By the way, I have been following that workout you posted awhile back and I love it! Seriously, it's the only workout I've done continuously, and seen great results with. So THANKS! :)

  6. Awesome abs! Please do a post on your HIIT workout routine! :)

  7. YEAH, GIRL!

    And happy Friday!

    And I love you!

  8. Your abs are awesome! Screw just running. I need to do some HIIT, too. :)

  9. girls night picture is sooo cute!! makes me smile just thinking of all the laughter and gossip goin' on!!! well needed and well deserved ;)

    so good to see mr. buck is caught up and healthy! now you don't have to visit the vet what seems like every flippin' day!!

    happy friday love! xo, Bev

  10. Umm I think I'm going to start working out before work too. Holy moly!!!!

  11. Ohmygosh your abs! What HIIT do you do? Turbo fire? How long have you been doing it for?

  12. Do you think you could post your HIIT workout? I looked at your other workout that you posted, but if HIIT is what gets good results, that's what I need. BTW, You look awesome.

  13. I will make a special trip to FL if you take ME to see Kenny!! :) I love that dress and going dress shopping at Target next week!!! Oh and Oh My ABS!!!

  14. 1. Soo jealous of your free concert tickets.
    2. That lace dress is so dang precious!
    3. Wine and girls night looks like a blast! I wanna join in that fun :)
    4. Have a great weekend girl!

  15. What an adorable puppy, but seeing them get shots are the worst!

  16. As some others have said, PLEASE do a post on at-home HIIT! I refuse to buy a gym membership!

    Also, Buck is too damn cute! Can he and Bear be blog BFFs? ;)

  17. I love that dress! So cute!
    and dang girl! You sure have been working hard!! Good job! :)

  18. that is so sweet about those tickets - i know from your instagram pictures that you had a great time :)

  19. Ten free tickets?!?!? That's amazing! :-) Also, you look good! Way to go, girlie!


    I am sure all read about it tomorrow... clearly I am a little behind!

    We've texted its cool.

  21. Going back & stalking your blog, since I was on vacation ha! Looove that dress!!


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