Last Hoorah

This weekend was perfection, y'all. And I'm really thankful, because from now until my Certified Personal Training exam I will be locked in my apartment studying. I have 10 days left to study...TEN! I'm kind of freaking out. But really excited, too!

I'm linking up with Sami to talk about my Weekend Shenanigans.
(Spoiler Alert: if you follow me on Instagram, most of these pictures won't come as a surprise to you)

Here is Friday in a nutshell...sunshine, wine & Eric Church. It was glorious. I love Florida (remind me of this when I start whining about the humidity in a month). Oh, I also got some fabulous new social media icons for the blog made on Friday. The lovely Aubrey never ceases to amaze me! We changed the design & added a Bloglovin one :)

Saturday was the Kenny Chesney & Eric Church concert. SUCH A BLAST. I'm such a concert junkie, and country concerts are the best. I had 10 tickets to the concert so I went  with 9 friends.

Most of us got there at 1:30 and tailgated our little hearts out for 4 hours before heading into the concert. Below you can see me dominating (I use that word loosely) at corn hole & beer pong. You can also see Adam wearing a hilariously cheesy cowboy hat that I bought from some random guy for $15. He probably bought his whole stack of hats for $15 from the Dollar Store. I'm such a target for getting scammed. Eh, what can ya do? ;)

I thought Eric Church and Eli Young Band were phenomenal! Unfortunately we missed Kacey Musgraves...boo for that. Kenny did a pretty good job, too! I'm not the biggest fan of him, but he still put on a decent show.

Also, that picture in the lower right square of the collage below...I got separated from my group for a few minutes and was caught as a wandering straggler....prime target for getting scammed (again), y'all. That guy tried telling me that he was Kenny and that since I was cute that he would only charge me $3 to take a picture with him. And you can see me telling him that he's an idiot trying to scam drunk people. Good times, y'all. And NO I did not give him $3.

I sang my heart out, drank lots of beer, danced the night away and squealed like a little school girl. It just made me that much more excited for this summer and all the country mega ticket concerts!

And Sunday morning, Adam & I went to our favorite breakfast spot (The Brunchery) and I stuffed my face with the most delicious egg white omelet on the planet.

How was your weekend?!
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  1. Whatever that breakfast monstrosity is... it looks AMAZING! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, and I love that your love for country music keeps growing (:


  2. I love the food in this post! Such amazing pictures, they instantly make me happy haha! Looks like you've had a great time :D

    Great post!


  3. Geez, you make me want to come to Florida soooo bad! What a perfect Spring weekend!! You are tooooo cute, btw. Hope you're having a fab week, honey pie!

  4. fun weekend. i love your concert going outfit!! good luck on your exam :)
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  5. what a FAB weekend you had for ALL of us gooorl!!! you look adorbs as always with your MINT green top!!! too cute!

    LOL at getting scammed... hey the important thing is Adam was rockin' a cowboy hat and fit in just dandy! And SHAME on that donkey trying to charge people money to take pics with him... MERRRRP!!! Kenny look-a-NOT!!

    Glad you had a great time with good peeps.. now hope that fun lasts you for the last days of your studying because to the books you go!

    You got this!!

    xo, Bev

  6. Since we didn't have electricity by breakfast yesterday, we went out for breakfast (which we never do), and I had the most amazing Avocado/Pico de Gallo breakfast burrito. Your Brunchery photo just makes me want hearty breakfast food now.

    But I'm at work.


    P.S. You looked fabulous at the concert! The perfect balance of country sass and blogger chic. ;)

  7. What a fabulous weekend! I love those weekends where you get to be outside and have copious amounts of beer! ;)

  8. Looks like such a wonderful weekend! Every time I read your blog I'm so jealous of you in your cute little skirts and shorts - I live in Alaska and its definitely not shorts time :-/ Anyway. Please tell the guy in the Gryffindor shirt, he rocks ;)

  9. FUN FACT:
    Kenny Chesney has opened his concert tour in Tampa every year for the last 8 tours. Thanks Sirus XM raido.

    I WAS SO JEALOUS! Looks like you had a BLASTTTTTTTTTTTTT !

    Love ya!

  10. Looks & sounds like SUCH an awesome weekend...Eric Church is my FAVE! Good luck studying girl :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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