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New month = new workout playlist :) I love wiping my "Work It Girl" playlist clean at the start of each new month and refilling it with songs that get my adrenaline pumping.  Here are some of the songs that you'll find on my March playlist. I've been running outside more, and I love listening to fast paced songs that I can sing along to (and that keep my mind off of the fact that my legs feel like jello). I'm more of a strength training kinda girl, but I want to love running...so I'm trying y'all!

What's on your workout playlist? I love adding new songs to mine!



  1. thanks for the suggestions! I was looking for some new tunes to add to my workout playlist!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm always searching for motivational tunes and it's kind of strange that they're all not really "my style of music", but it works!

    Great post!


  3. Ha I'm with you on the loving strength training, I too am really trying to love running...I don't *hate* it any more so that's an improvements LOL! Music really helps, I ran a mile as a warm-up yesterday listening to a funky house mix and the ten minutes flew by...yeah!

  4. Three country songs... AND Ke$ha... Im solddddddddd.
    I should really write a post about the music they play at our gym while working out.. INTENSEEEE.

    Love you my chocolate covered bacon eating friend!

  5. Va Va Voom and Beauty and the Beat are my fave! I am on a Nikki Minaj kick! haha.

    Have a great Monday!


  6. You're So Last Summer is my favorite song of all time! Looooove Taking Back Sunday!

  7. Girlfrannnnd.... you are far from any type of JELLO HELLLLOOOOO!!!

    Love the fact that you change up the playlist every month! Makes me think I should switch mine up!

    I've got some Mumford and Sons on my ipod and their instruments and upbeats get me MOVIN!!!

    Hope you had a fab weekend (I see your adventurous side witch'yo chocolate bacon!! CRAYYYYY but I sooo wanna try!!).


  8. Thanks for posting! These are great songs :)

  9. Fun idea! Might have to try it. Maybe :)

    -- dysfunctionaleverafter.com

  10. Oooh YAY...I'm always looking for good workout songs...thanks for sharing yours :)

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  11. This playlist is on point. Several of these are on my running list :)


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