Chocolate Dip't Bacon

This weekend, I went to the Strawberry Festival with Kathleen and two of her sweet friends. I go to the Strawberry Festival every year, one, because I love strawberries and two, it's in the same town that I went to high school...Plant City. I love going to Plant City. It's such an adorable place to visit. That picture over there on my about blurb to the right of my blog was taken in Plant City!

Anyway, I pretty much ate my way through the festival. Allow me to show you...

I was told that I had to try the "chocolate dip't bacon." Was I scared? YES. But I'll try just about anything once. So we hunted down the bacon stand and ate some chocolate dip't bacon. Y'all...it was good. Like really good. I felt like I needed an Alka Seltzer 20 minutes later, but hey, totally worth it.

After walking through a sea of cowboy boots & camo jackets, I also indulged on "a rib on a stick" and a chocolate covered strawberry. And guess what? I'm going back to the festival again tonight with Adam. Where I will definitely be partaking in some strawberry shortcake. It's a "build your own" style shortcake, and last year's was delicious. Then I will probably fall into a festival food induced coma. Oh well...it's all in good fun. Good thing the festival only comes once a year or I would be obese. We're also going to listen to Trace Adkins perform, too. From outside the stadium, because we're too cheap to pay more to step 3 feet inside the stands, when you can hear the music outside of them anyway.

After scarfing all of that food down, Kathleen and I wanted to go on the "Sky Swing." It probably would've been a better idea if it wasn't 40-something degrees and extremely windy. But we weren't about to skip out on riding it after paying $5 for our tickets to get on it. It was worth it, though...we saw the whole festival (and most of Plant City) from up there! I love finding traditional things that specific cities do. The sense of pride that people display for where they live just warms my heart. It's stuff like this that brings a city to life and gives it character.

I'm gonna go workout now. For 3 hours. Just kidding. But seriously, I have something healthy to share with y'all tomorrow to make up for this ;)

Oh and one more thing: for your viewing pleasure...me eating some chocolate bacon. Hand fed by Kathleen. You're welcome.



  1. How fun!! You look so cute, as always!!

  2. I've had chocolate covered bacon at a food tasting and loved it! Yum! Glad you had fun at the festival!

  3. I love the part in the video where one of the other girls says "Swallow!" like you're a puppy at the vet that won't take its medicine. Honestly thought for a second you were gonna get a throat massage to make it go down!

  4. Pretty sure this is one of the highlights of my life. I don't hate it y'all! But will never eat it again. :)

    Love all our fun times together!

  5. ...and then send to me for my personal viewing pleasure. IM SO COOL.

    Im going to go cry big ole sunshine state tears now.

    the end.

  6. I wish we had a strawberry festival! And good grief that bacon looks delish.

  7. how FUNNNNN!!! I dunno about that ginormous swing though... esp after that chocolate bacon!! But you DO make it look delish... I mean the chocolate hard and all.. mmmmm LOL

    You two are too adorbs!! Have fun tonight with your boo man!!

    xo, Bev

  8. Looks like so much fun!! David & I lived in Sebring, FL the first year after we got married and I wanted to go to the Strawberry festival so bad, but he went on Military orders the WHOLE time the festival was going on. It totally sucked. I was pretty pregnant at the time too, so all that food would have been welcome to my face ;)

  9. I've had chocolate covered bacon and it is SO yummy...who woulda thought? Looks like you guys had an awesome time :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Build your own strawberry shortcake?! COME TO MAMA.

  11. This just made me so hungry.
    And I love chocolate covered bacon. For real.

  12. Looks like sooo much fun!! This makes me want to make a trip to somewhere with carnival rides.. been way too long since I rode a rollercoaster ;)

  13. That looks delicious! And I'm the same way with food. I just go to the fairs and festivals and eat until I feel sick. Then we leave because mission accomplished!


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