Annnnd BREAK

It's crunch time, y'all. I have about 16 days left to study for my CPT exam. Just a little FYI...I might be a little MIA from the blog. I'm gonna post a few times a week, but probably not everyday for the next few weeks. Gotta use my time wisely, you know? ;)

I did take a study break on Sunday and it was glorious. Adam & I took Buck to the dog beach and we all had a blast!

Here are some selfies, because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't take any? I'm obsessed with that tank top...my life in a nutshell. Power to the petite people!

How freaking cute are they? This was Buck's first time swimming! I made Adam throw him in so I could take a few pictures of him doing the doggy paddle...which he is a pro at (obviously). When we first got there, he ran into the water on his own. He stayed in for a few seconds and ran back out. But he was not too happy when Adam tossed him in...he didn't trust us for like 10 minutes. I can't blame him though, because the water was freezing!

He made a new friend...the cutest little bull dog puppy. That puppy was like 15 weeks old and Buck is about 4 months old, so they got along great. They fought all day, rolling around in the sand, and happily showering all of us with said sand.

I'm so glad that I took a few hours out of the day to relax and enjoy some time with my boys. I think it's really important to work hard to reach your goals and make your dreams a reality, but it's also important not to lose yourself in that and to remember to live your life, too.

Well...back to the books!



  1. The puppies are so cute. Looks like a great time!

  2. Great photos! And I love your top, as a 'littly' myself, it describes me to a t! Good luck with your exams.

  3. Great photos.. LOVE the puppies!!.. Best of luck on your exams!

  4. Love your tank top :) I was in that play in high school and it's always been one of my faves.

  5. Omg so cute! I love that he found a friend!

    Good luck studying! =)

  6. Such precious pups! That's great that Buck had a little buddy at the beach too!

  7. my heart just melted. Is Buck a Pitt? I adore pitts even if he's not, he's super handsome!!! The day looks like So much fun!!!

  8. oh my gosh - your dog is such a cutie! i love seeing little doggies play fight with each other especially when they're still puppies and super full of energy. nothing is cuter!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  9. Good luck studying :) Love the pics of Buck's first swim...he is too cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. absolutely adorable!!!! that shot you got of buck and his new frannnnd on the sand!! LOVE!

    we took our pups to the coast this weekend too... my hubs was scurrred to let em go off leash too long because they wanted to swim away!!

    so glad you're pounding study hours away, but even gladder (yea... i said that) that you got some R&R with your boo!!


  11. Awww, look how cute they are! :)

  12. Buck is soooo cute! My dog is eight and I still call him my baby. Maybe they could be blog bffs? ;)

    And good luck on the exam! You're gonna kill it, girl!

  13. You have goooood hair, girlfriend.

    Good luck with your exams!

  14. Living your life and pursuing your dreams! you go girl! :)

  15. oh my gawwwwd I just squealed out loud SO bad at those two puppies together. They're precious. I love that tank on you! The quote is so me :)

  16. Mu husband says that saying to me all the time!

  17. Oh my gosh those puppies are sooo cute!! <3 Be still my heart.

  18. I just looked at Reese and told him


    He said no.
    He's no fun.


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