You Know You've Got a Keeper When...

Happy Valentine's Day, babes! I personally am not a fan of the "holiday" but I dig red, glitter & love so I just go with it. I'm actually planning on wearing glitter hairspray today, because I feel like today is a day that I won't be judged. Okay, so I may or may not wear glitter hairspray on a normal day. Don't act like you don't think it's a genius idea. I know y'all are about to run to the store and pick up a bottle ;)

The extent of my Valentine's Day decor is below. And that's the picture of it from last year, because I'm too lazy to take a picture of it hanging in my new apartment this year. #sorrynotsorry

Today I'm dedicating this post to the one, the only...Adam! I promise not to get too sappy. Aaaand go.

You Know You've Got a Keeper When:

- He builds you a lot of cool stuff. Like these "Zac Brown Band tickets."
- He takes you Disney every year for Christmas...even when it's pouring rain. And buys you a poncho: bonus!

- He takes your blog pictures while it's raining outside, while you're chillin under an umbrella.
- He lets you wear his jackets when you're an idiot and wear dresses in the 40* weather.

- He willingly orders girly drinks so that you can try one that you were scared to order for yourself.
- He feeds you ice cream on your birthday...and takes the calories out of it. Just kidding. A girl can hope.

- He makes you double over in laughter. Hey, it's a good ab workout, too! Win!
- Okay he isn't doing anything sweet in this picture. But this picture was taken on our first "date-ish" type thing, before we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Awww, I know right?!

- He helps you pick food out of your teeth before a photo sesh is about to go down.
- He takes you to high school prom and wears a tie that matches your dress.
(hello, we are BABIES in this picture...yes, Adam had an afro)

- He drinks like a man, and takes care of you when you try to and fail miserably.
- He showers you with Valentine's Day gifts even after you tell him how much you hate all of the cliche stuff.

- He dresses up in couple's costumes for Halloween.

- He runs the happiest 5K on the planet with you and catches the free prizes that get thrown out to the crowd.
- He encourages and participates in singing at the top of your lungs. And tells you that you have a beautiful voice even though you know that you sound like a dying hyena. 

- He is supportive of your blogging endeavors. 
- He loves going to Target for hours with you...okay, we're still working on that one ;)

Don't forget to spread the love today!



  1. Oh I just love you guys!! Have a fun day!! Xoxo

  2. You two are adorable! You definitely have a keeper! And the afro...awesome!!! Have a wonderful Valentine's day Jess!

  3. This is so sweet! I wish that my husband could take the calories out of my ice cream haha. Oh, and I totally remember glitter hairspray...genius! :)

  4. I LOVE your love notes to Adam! You guys have had one long and amazing looking journey!! I cannot believe his HAIR!!! Curly hair don't care!! It's gorg! But what a difference it makes him look with and without it!

    And your LOVE banner is adorbs!! I like how you did it with pages out of a book (right?).

    Happy LOVAH's Day!!

  5. aw, you two are so cute. enjoy your day!

  6. UM, I'm TOTALLY jealous! I need to find a man like this! You guys are adorable!
    And his back-in-the-day pictures totally reminds me of Blake from Workaholics :P Who is hilarious, btw if you don't watch the show!

    carelessly graceful

  7. Love your V Day decor! And you guys are too dang cute...happy Valentine's Day :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    I just sent you a tweet over my obsession with adams afro... I needed some instant gratification on my freak out.


  9. You can sense the love! Happy love day friend :)

  10. he definitely sounds like a keeper! :) happy valentine's day!

  11. ahahaha i never could imagine him with an afro! Gosh you were such babies then :-)
    Yes he is a keeper...and soon to be hubby I have a feeeeeling hehe
    cute stuff!

  12. He doesn't even look the same!! How crazy :)

  13. HIS HAIR!
    oh gosh, its so great. i never in a million years would have pictured that!

    and you look so little..awh ;)


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