Where Did February Come From?

Friday holds a very special place in my heart. But can we talk about how it's February right now?! What the whaaaat. As you should know by now, I'm linking up with Lauren to share my top 5 favorite things of this week. Set, go!

one. My cousin asked me to dye her hair this past week. After we downed a bottle of wine. It was the first time that I'd dyed anyone's hair. She must really trust me ;) It turned out pretty good, if you were wondering. I love my cousin - she's definitely one of my besties!

two. Thanks to Meg, I am now monogram obsessed. I ordered a monogram necklace and a monogram coozie (which you see below). She bought me a pair of monogram earrings for Christmas and I've been a monogram monster ever since.

three. New Girl, cuddling with Adam & coffee. Can I get an amen? Please tell me I'm not the only one who DIED over this week's episode...Nick & Jess, finally!

four. Please don't get tired of me celebrating my hair growth, because it's not gonna stop ;) I found this picture of myself from Easter of last year. I was wearing that same dress one day this week and look at the difference in my hair! That's 9 months of hard work right there, y'all!

five. My weekly Target haul was a good one this week! I've been waiting to find those black heels in my size. Every girl needs a pair of black stilettos to keep on hand right?! And I live in dresses from March-September so I figured this was a good one to add to my collection.

Enjoy your weekend, y'all :)



  1. Let me know if "The Happiness Project" is good! Thinking I want to add that to my list of 25 books to read this year :)

    Your hair is adorable either way. Then again you always look adorable so..

    Can't believe it's February either! Where the heck did January even go? Wasn't it just like the 4th?

    Have a wonderful Friday!! & a relaxing weekend sassy girl!


  2. Your hair growth is amazing! That's seriously a ton of progress. Can I ask - do you get it trimmed regularly, or have you mostly just let it grow? I always wonder which way to go is beter.

    Also - the Nick and Jess part at the end of the episode? I died! That was like the most perfect kiss, too! Hello!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    - Sara

  3. We all saw the Nick and Jess thing coming, but I thought they would hold off on it! Now what is going to happen with that smokin hot boyfriend of hers!!!

  4. A. I am so glad I turned you into a Monogram monster. They are the best kind of monsters!
    B. WHEN NICK GRABBED JESS'S ARM ... OMG LIterally I DIE. Butterflies obsessed.
    C. YOUR HAIR. #longhairdontcare
    E. Love yaaaaaaa

  5. Your hair looks great!! And I was SO happy about NEW GIRL too! Finally!

  6. You will LOVE the Happiness Project! And then you'll want to make your own :)

  7. Love me some good ol' cousin time!! Looks like you guys had a grand ol' time :)

    And your hurrrrr... get it goooorl!!! It's gorg right now lookin' all long and all!!

    I am la la lovin' your Target finds!! I swear the seize to amaze me with their shoe selection!! Those heels are HOT!! And of course you know I am all for my bestie's book ;)

    Happy Friday mi amor! xo, Bev

  8. I love the color of the dress you got at Target! I simply cannot wait to start buying cute new clothes after my second baby arrives.

    And your hair is stinkin adorable. :)

  9. I loved New Girl. I even wrote about it in my friday post. haha. I screamed like a school girl when they kissed...then rewound it a few times.

  10. So I'm in mad love with those heels. But being 5'8 already, heels make me freakishly tall and off balance. But maybe I'll just suck it up and get some :P
    Also, Nick & Jess!?!?! OHMYSWEETJESUS. The heavens have opened up and I'm ready for all the awkward "should we date" plot lines :P

    carelessly graceful

  11. new girl is the best! and i one time dyed my friends hair. and it did not turn out well!!

  12. OHH "The Happiness Project"! I've heard good things! I'm gonna have to check it out! :)

    And grow hair...GROW!! :)

    Love ya! :) xoxo

  13. The dress in your hair pics is so cute! And your hair is looking great the longer it gets! Also, that's a pretty sweet Target haul. I went there and did some serious damage the other day myself...

  14. I did! I was literally jumping up and down at the end of New Girl! Way to go on growing out your hair! It's looking great :)

  15. Your hair looks great both ways! I tried long and it didn't work for me so it's now a pixie. Cute blog!

    Mrs. B

  16. Great post! Funny, Im doing the same thing with my own hair. I cut it short like yours last March I think it was an it's getting there. Slowly but its getting longer. Now Im wondering what I was thinking...Love all the photos and the ones of you and your cousin are so great. Looks like you have a special friendship ontop of being related. What a blessing that is :)

  17. Um. Bout had a HEART ATTACK from that s-e-x-y kiss b/t Nick & Jess! Holy Moly, thank goodness that finally happened. I didn't think it would for a few seasons. Anxiously awaiting Tuesday!!

    Um. Gorgeous green dress, gotta go to target like... now.

    And omg your hairrr! Gorgeous! <3



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