Stay Positive

This week has been filled with super awesome things & super awful things. Since I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday, we're gonna focus on the super awesome things!

one. I went out and shot guns with Adam and had a blast! I'm not so much focused on my form yet, but more so just getting comfortable holding and shooting the guns.

two. On Wednesday I went to Disney with Kathleen...ultimate blog date, y'all! We had so much fun. We met Honey Boo Boo. Look for a more detailed post on Monday. You're not gonna wanna miss this one, I promise.

three. Best turkey burger ever.

four. I went to a Super Bowl party and hung out with these two studs ;) they were my favorite guys there, hands down.

five. Again, thank you Meg for starting a new obsession for me: monogrammed everything. Loving my necklace & koozie that came in the mail this week.

Enjoy your weekend, y'all :)



  1. I love to see these pictures :D Great to share what you've been up to. And that looks yummy :o

    Great post!


  2. love your necklace - i got one like that for my birthday and i love it!

  3. Whoop! I'm so glad I could help your shitty (yeah I used a curse word on your blog. ;) ) week be a little less shitty! :)

    Love ya! :) have a great weekend! Ps. I'm looking at Strawberry Festival dates as I type this.

  4. oooh, can't wait for Monday's post!! Ha! Looove the koozie!!

  5. a blog date to Disney sounds amazing! i can't wait to hear all about honey boo boo!

  6. That burger totally just made me hungry at 10 am for a nice burger!

  7. I can't WAIT to hear all about Honey Boo Boo meet up!! You both look adorbs BTW... looks like you had a superb time! Any time at the happiest place on earth is a FUN time for me ;)

    Happy Friday and hope those super sucky things go away as you have a awesome weekend!!!

    xoxo, Bev

  8. I have been dyyying for a monogrammed necklace like that! Enjoy!


  9. So glad to see there were some highlights to your rough week!

  10. Isn't shooting fun?!? I am more redneck than most people will ever know ;)

    I hope your apartment situation is getting better!

  11. i'm also obsessed with monogrammed anything. i've had my eye on a monogrammed necklace similar to your from bauble bar. :)

  12. Looks like you had a great week!

    xx Ani


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