I Thought Acne Was a Teenage Thing?

Seriously, growing up you hear about awkward, acne-filled teenage years. You never heard stories about young 20-somethings with pimples covering their faces. Or at least I never did. I didn't have too many issues with acne when I was a teenager. So I assumed that I would never have to deal with it at all.


The last few months (4 to be exact), I've been battling every week with acne. I think it has to do with a change in my lifestyle/routine. I've been getting more sleep than I was in college (not complaining about that one), I was slacking on drinking as much water as I should, I started eating out more and working out less. I was struggling with a lot in my personal life. It just was a rough few months. And let me tell y'all...it showed all over my face.

I used to feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup on...I really could care less. But it got to the point where I didn't even want to go to the gym without covering my acne. That's when I know it's an issue, because I'm not a fan of make up at the gym. And to make it worse, this wasn't just the "oh look a zit, how ugly" acne, it was the under the skin painful acne. Not a good time.

I decided that it was time to revamp my skin care routine. I've been living these changes out for a little over two weeks now, and the difference is astounding. Like really, y'all...I'm finally comfortable in my own skin again...it's even better than it was before all this!

Outside of actual products, here is what I'm doing:

- Getting at least 6 good hours of sleep per night
- Drinking at least 53 ounces of water per day (I like to drink at least half of my weight in ounces)
- Limiting eating out to 3-4 times per week. And when I do go out I go for lean, clean & green options...steering away from fried food as much as possible
- Exercising 6 days per week
- Wiping off my makeup before I go to the gym
- Washing my face after I workout and before I go to bed...no excuses

And then these babies are my saving grace:

As far as what products I'm using, this is what I'm doing:

Every morning:
- When I shower I wash my face using the Purity Made Simple cleanser
- Every other morning, after using the Purity, I use The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash in the shower
- After the shower I moisturize with Hope in a Jar
- Apply make up

Before working out (if I have on makeup):
- Wipe make up off using Pond's original fresh wet cleansing towelettes

Before going to bed:
- Wash my face using the Purity Made Simple cleanser
- Wipe my face using Pond's original fresh wet cleansing towelettes
- Pat dry with a soft towel

Here are a few other tid-bits:
- I try not to use super hot water when I wash my face. I used to think that you were supposed to do that, but in reality, scalding hot water screws with the natural oils that your faces produces (and needs).

- I absolutely love the Philosophy product line. It's a bit pricy, but it's so worth it y'all...you only get one face, take good care of it!

- I love these products, because they actually get my makeup off (this is the only face wash that I've found that's been able to do that for me). My skin actually feels clean & soft after washing...there's not a filmy residue or a tight feeling like other products I've used have given me.

- I only exfoliate every other day so that it's not too harsh on my skin. The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash is awesome, because it removes dead skin without making me feel like I'm scraping my face off...always a plus in my book.

- And if you're wondering why I don't moisturize at night: I have combination skin (oily in some places and dry in others) and for me if I moisturize at night I wake up with a shiny face. Moisturizing once a day is plenty for me. I like to do it in the morning before applying my make up.

- When I moisturize I make sure to always apply it in an upward motion. And I always moisturize under my chin and my neck.

Here are the links to the specific products that I use:

Purity Made Simple Cleanser // $22 (for the 8 ounce bottle)
The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash // $26 (for the 8 ounce bottle)
Hope in a Jar // $40 (for a 2 ounce container)
Pond's Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes // I buy these at Target! Right now they're $10 for a 75 count.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that everyone's skin is different. And I'm not claiming that these products are some miracles in a bottle. I get the occasional break out (Thanks Aunt Flo), but overall these products have really made a difference for me, so I thought I'd share them with you :)



  1. Great post...my skin is VERY similar. I too, only moisturize in the morning...never at night unless I'm feeling super dry (and its usually only during winter). The Ponds cloths I use usually don't leave my face dried out though. And I'm always eyeing Philosophy products...maybe I will finally try it!

  2. I've heard a lot of great things about Philosophy products! I'm currently blown away because of the Bioderma hype - it's really good and works for me - but I'm dying to try the "Purity made simple" cleanser from Philosophy.

    Great post!


  3. Ugh acne. I have a big problem with it. I'll probably mimic your routine, because I have combination skin too. I have dark spots from old acne, so I may use that Clinque dark spot corrector too.
    I get the worst sebaceous cysts, which I hear from a friend in medical school is predominately caused by hormones. UGGH. I'm going to the gyno next week, hopefully she can help!

    carelessly graceful

  4. My mom and sister SWEAR by philosophy products, but I break out when I use them! It's weird because my skin isn't sensitive and I really don't have acne issues. However, overall, everyone I know who has tried the purity face wash LOVES it and I give it as gifts all the time!

  5. Thanks for sharing girl! I too have had the worse time lately with my acne. I've been trying many brands out there and my skin is like wth is going on? Lol I'll have to try philosophy soon. Right now I'm doing Clinique acne makeup and cleansers. Fingers crossed!

  6. I love the purity face wash! It's the only face wash that I like because it doesn't make my face feel dry or tight. I need to look at the hope in a jar, I'm looking for a new moisturizer.

  7. I love the Microdelivery! I've been wanting to try the cleanser and moisturizer too. My skin can get oily easily, does the moisturizer make your skin feel oily at all?

    And can you please come tell my boyfriend not to use scalding hot water on his face? Maybe he'll listen to someone other than me tell him that it's bad, haha.

  8. I've had issues with acne since I was a kid. When I went on birth control, my skin looked FABULOUS. Then, I learned that my birth control could make my brain explode (ok not really, but I was taking Yaz, which was yanked from the market). Ever since I switched to a different BC a year ago, my skin has been all kinds of crazy. :(

  9. I can understand where you're coming from, and have to admit I'm a bit jealous you've figured out a routine that is working for you! I switch birth control in June 2012 and since then have had horrid acne problems (which I also did not suffer from in high school). I've even gone to the dermatologist and was told we could try a few things, but in all likelihood its caused by the birth control and I'd have to go off it to make the acne stop. Boo! I'm still fightint through hoping my body will adjust and the acne will go away.... but I may have to try your products out :) Love your blog!

  10. I feel your pain! I have ridiculously sensitive skin, and if I so much as exercise with make-up on, wear any foundation, or try a new face product, I look like I'm 14 again. I've heard really good things about philosophy products, but I'm afraid to try them, because I don't want to risk making things worse. This almost motivates me to give them a try though. Maybe someday.

  11. know exactly how you feel, my skin was fine in my teens now i suffer with acne :( i have found that adding serums and oils to replenish the skins goodness helps, and exfoliating regularly :D

  12. Girl, the older I get, the worse my acne gets. I SWEAR!

    I've heard such good things about all those products, so I need to try it!

  13. i was having the EXACT same issues! never a zit in all my teenage years and now at 27 my face decides to explode?! i realized that i was using the complete wrong products on my face and went back to philosophy! i had started to try other brands mostly because of the hefty price tag, but it is totally worth the money! you should try the clarisonic mia...that thing literally changed my skin and i cant was my face without it!

  14. Glad these products are working for you. I've had acne for as long as I can remember (I told my dermatologist I don't remember NOT having it) and it's changed over the years. I use CerAve and it doesn't leave my skin tight. The only tip I have for you, is my doctor has me wait about half an hour before putting anything on my face after washing. My face seems to absorb my moisturizer and other acne products better. It's a pain when you don't have time, but definitely worth it when you do!

  15. A dermatologist will commonly prescribe topical antibiotic creams and/or oral antibiotic capsules. These are designed to help address the bacteria which may be contributing to the acne breakouts. You deliver such quality thoughts. Good job. complete healthcareguru.net blog


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