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Happy Sunday, y'all! I don't normally post on the weekend, but I want to let everyone know that I've revamped my advertising options/rates for February :) The new options are more affordable and more beneficial to you. Let me help your blog or small business boom!

My Stats:
[As of 02/01/2013]

Google Friend Connect Followers// 1,460
FeedBurner Subscribers// 1,820
Twitter Followers// 842
Facebook Fans// 660
Instagram Followers// 732
Total Pageviews// 492,825
Average Pageviews Per Day// Between 1,200-2,000
Posts Per Week// 3-5

If you're interested you can read all the details right here. Thanks for being awesome and have fun watching the Super Bowl (or gorging on delicious apps...whatevs).



  1. Aw I'd really like to, but I'm more interested in free ads because my blog is still a baby and I don't want to start spending money just yet. If you'd like to do a free swap, I'm all yours haha :D


  2. I would love to put an ad on your blog because its perfect and mine is all still new-ish and what not. So i maaaay take you up on this.

  3. I too am reading Safe Haven haha. Loved sponsoring you last month Jessica, thanks so much for having me!!


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