Blingin Locks

As I mentioned last week, I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day...but I took advantage of the day and got a little festive since I love hearts, the color red & glitter.

I drank out of my favorite coffee cup (thanks, Steph!) and rocked red nails with a party nail on each hand...which is the glitter nail, if you're not aware what a party nail is ;). Adam & I went to get BBQ for dinner (told you I could eat it every day, y'all) and then bought strawberry shortcake, champagne & cheesy heart glasses. It definitely didn't suck. #stillthinkvdayislame (that's for you, Linds)!

But the very best part of Valentine's Day was: GLITTER HAIRSPRAY.
Yes, you read that correctly. I curled my hair and doused it in glitter hairspray. The first time I used this stuff was for the Luke Bryan concert, and I quickly became obsessed. I mean if it's glitter, what's not to love you know?

Since Valentine's Day was on a Thursday, naturally I had to work. Now if you don't know, I work for an A/C company, which means that most of the people that I interact with on a daily basis are middle-aged men...aka the technicians. Well let me tell you, I didn't really think I would be appreciated for my glitter hairspray due to that fact, but oh was I wrong.

My glitter hairspray was a hit! And I couldn't have been happier. Valentine's Day = made. Here are a few of the comments that my shimmering head of hair received:

one. "Boo on no glitteriness. You need someone to hold a flashlight over your head all day." 
-Technician referring to the fact that it was raining outside, so my hair wouldn't sparkle in the sun.

two. "Why do you have glitter in your hair? Were you out jukin last night?" 
-I guess the term jukin was a little outdated to me, the guy that said this had to explain to me what it meant. Jukin = the equivalent to modern day clubbing is what I got from his description.

three. Me: "Hey Richard, did you see my glitter hairspray?" Richard: "Everyone should have some of that." 
-I couldn't agree more, y'all, I couldn't agree more.

four. This counts, because Adam is a tech where I work!

So yeah, I would highly recommend glitter hairspray to all of you. It will make any (and every) day of your life 10 times better. Guaranteed. 

I carried the red/heart theme through the weekend, too. And if you like the cowl that I'm wearing, get ready for an outfit post dedicated to it :) 

P.S. Can we talk about the fact that my hair is getting long?! ...because I don't talk about it enough.



  1. I feel like I need to go buy some glitter hairspray :-)


  2. Haha I really need to try out glitter hairspray :D

    Great post! :D


  3. Love it all... that dress is so pretty!

  4. Hahaha I died when I read that Cullen comment...you are too funny! And glitter hairspray sounds awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. who knew this existed! I must try :)

    And I seriously envy that mug!

  6. I definitely didn't know what junkin was....I assumed ithad somethung to do with collecting junk, but I had no idea what that would have to do with glitter! lol :)

    Love your hair! Now, did the glitter wash out the first time you washed your hair?

  7. We used glitter hairspray for EVERY single dance in high school and whenever I did tech backstage. I'm not sure I've used it since... Love the coffee mug :D

  8. I absolutely love that red dress on you!! Sexay laday!!!!


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