A Little Bit of Raunchy Humor to Make Me Feel Better

It's been a rough week y'all. With my apartment flooding and all, I've been letting every little thing get to me. I've been an emotional roller coaster the last few days. I visited my apartment yesterday. I cried a little.

In efforts to up my spirits, I figured that I'd share some of my favorite ecards. These always make me laugh, and getting the app for my iPhone was the best 99 cents that I've spent in awhile. Plus I don't have a space to take any pretty pictures of things going on in my life at the moment...so this is what you get ;)

You can find all of these here.
And I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple today for Oh, How Pinteresting!



  1. Thank you for making me laugh! I love these!!

  2. annnnnnd that was much needed over here too.
    Luke Bryan ALWAYS
    Wine ALWAY
    Yoga pants, pinterest and being dramatically sarcastic TRIPPLE ALWAYS.

    love you hope you get to have some fun today and forget your trouble... I think there is a song for that sung by two furry jungle creatures hakuna matata missyyyyy

  3. The grapes slash wine one is my fave :) Sorry about your apartment! Hope everything is better!!!!

  4. someecards are my favorite!!!! (
    my friends even got me an ecard calendar for christmas)
    i love all the Luke Bryan ecards. and I agree, buying the app for $0.99 was a great investment :)

  5. I've had wine for dinner a few times...
    Hang in there! Things will turn around soon!

  6. I love all of these so much. :P And hang in there lady, remember "Everything happens for a reason" and even if it's a shitty reason, it's a reason! Prayers your way!

    carelessly graceful

  7. LMAOOOOOO at LOL! It's so funny and SOOO true... when things get serious, it's funny how people automatically add that lol to relieve any tension.... it's quite annoying if you ask me! I try not to do it b/c I know how annoying that be!

    You're not a fan of Luke Brian, are you??? LOL (j/k) hahahahah I'm laughing out loud as I type fo REAL!


  8. There is always more room for wine! Haha

  9. HAHAHAHA. thanks so much for the afternoon pick me up!

  10. Omg I love them! All the Luke Bryan ones totally apply to me also.

    Hope your days brighten up =)

  11. Ha - I love the day drinking one - too funny! And I'm sorry you're having such a crappy week...maybe next week will be awesome to make up for it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. I"m sorry about your apartment. I can only imagine how I"d feel.. I love these cards. I see them on Facebook all the time.. Some of them are a hoot!

  13. You poor thing! I can't imagine dealing with flooding! I hope that it doesn't cause you too much stress!


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