The Black Hole

That's my couch's nickname. What, you mean you don't have a pet name for your couch? Weirdo.

Why is it called the black hole you ask? Well there's a few reasons. First off you should know that I hate my couch. It's so small and honestly, not that comfortable. Yet I still find myself sleeping on it every other night. Enter: the nickname. I swear every time my butt lands on that couch, I'm done. I lose all sense of productivity. I get sucked into watching horrible TV shows (like Teen Mom 2 & Buckwild...darn you MTV and your trashy, yet enticing, shows) and then just end up passing out. By 11 PM. In my makeup. It's really a tragedy come 3 AM when I wake up with a permanent crick in my back and crusted mascara. But guess what? I just roll over and go right back to sleep...I don't even bother getting up and moving to my bed. I don't get it.

I always have good intentions. I bring my laptop over to the coffee table that's in front of the couch and plan to answer emails, prep blog posts or even browse Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes I even bring my textbook over and attempt to study for my CPT exam that's coming up in March. Does any of that stuff ever get accomplished? Nope. I just end up getting sucked in by the black hole and doing absolutely nothing other than watch TV and fall asleep before most of your grandparents probably do. Guess I should keep my "productive activities" to be done at my desk. Whatever.

Oh, and this is the worst couch for cuddling. Actually, this couch doesn't really give you a choice but to cuddle with whoever you're on it with. But not cute, spooning cuddling. More like sardine cuddling. Not a good time, y'all. Adam always tells me that he is gonna buy me a new couch. Poor guy can hardly fit on it...his feet hang off the side.

All that brings me to this...I want a new couch. My logic is this:  if I have a cute, comfy, inspirational looking couch (is that even a thing?) I will be more productive when I sit on it. It won't suck me in like the black hole. It all makes sense in my head, people. Kind of like these pretties:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Here's to growing up and saving up to buy a new couch...party on.
I can't believe I just wrote a whole post about my couch. I need to get out more.

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  1. Well, bless my soul! Girl, you need to get that new "grown up" couch. We love our sectional from Rooms to Go, but I would have any of the selections you chose in a heartbeat. Fo sho'!

    Have a great Wednesday!


  2. I think if you have a much comfier couch it will turn into more of the Black Hole! It would probably be good for your productivity to have one that feels like a board so you don't want to curl up on it and sleep! Hah! That's what happened to me!

  3. I had a couch in college that had the same problem with couch. At one point Reese refused to sit on it. He would being a blow up mattress. GHETTTTTO.

    Also on the topic of Reese and couches. There is a couch in Anthropologie that Reese really wants. He actually suggests I shop there so he can sit on the couch while I shop.

    Clearly he likes this post alot... I do too. I also really like you.


  4. My couch is my black hole too. It's a sectional, so more Saturdays than I'd like to admit I find myself laying on the chaise part sucked into a TV series on Netflix. This past weekend it was Workaholics (btw, most hilarious show ever if you've never seen it... watch it!) and the weekend before that it was Downton Abbey.

    It gets to be a problem, because even though I have a dining table and chairs, I never eat there. Always in front of the TV. Fail.

    carelessly graceful

  5. Yours is lovely... I love the others too though! So much color!

  6. i have learned a good couch is definitely worth the investment! love your blog! newest follower :)

  7. From personal experience I will warn you that the adorable couches with the separate back pillows end up with you fluffing those pillows every 5 minutes because they get scrunched down. Good arm workout though! Good luck couch hunting!

  8. Welcome to my life. I regularly obsess about couches (I honestly think it's a quarter life crisis thing). But can we get back to the real topic of conversation here? AKA, that rug in the second photo! You should get that rug and just sleep on it instead.

  9. Oooo I love the top left couch and bottom right couch! My couch is totally a black hole...it's too comfy! Once my roomie & I sit down on it, it's pretty much a death trap!

    In your search for a new couch, if you're not wanting to spend a ton of $ right off the bat...I'd suggest Craigslist. We got a huge sectional couch & chair for only $100 and then we paid about $100 to get it cleaned (look for coupons!)...it was well worth it to me since we both knew this wasn't going to be a couch that we'd keep for a long time! =)

  10. These couches look great! I like the couch on the bottom right.


  11. Oh you are to funny..LOL. but I totally understand what you mean.. Your intentions are good like mine but somehow we just don't seem to get there.. LOL

  12. a comfortable couch is so necessary - nobody likes sardine cuddling! I love the one on the top right!

  13. I love the idea of a white couch but honestly all I would think about would be people spilling stuff on it. Haha. I think the TV is the problem. Whenever I turn into the TV, that turns into my black hole, I have such a hard time climbing out of all the reality shows...

  14. Haha you crack me up. The older we get the more we talk about household items...and I'm okay with that. :) Love that green couch!

  15. OH.MY.GOSHIE! Friend!! My pops and stepmom have the white couch on the lower right corner and it is super duper comfy yet doesn't suck you in if you sit with a laptop on your lap! They come in a denim material too, but the white ones... AMAZE BALLS!!!

    I know what you mean gooorl... my couches aren't the best productive ones... then again, I dunno what couch is. Thank goodness for my dining room table next to the TV b/c we don't have a TV in the office :( MERRRRP

  16. super cute space! i really love your blog, so much fun and happiness here! xoxo robs


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