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I think it's pretty safe to say that if you're a female, you kind of love anything that sparkles. Well in my case, I REALLY love anything that sparkles! Glitter, sequins, whatever...bring it on!

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Seriously, my love for glitter has kind of been out of control lately. Every time I vacuum my apartment, the vacuum cleaner is filled with glitter...and sequins. I'm undoubtedly a girl ;)

I've been doing quite a few DIY projects that use glitter. I recently bought a sequin-covered skirt. I use glitter to paint my nails (well one nail on each hand...I like to call it my "party finger"). My next glitter-inspired event is having a glittery photo shoot..I'm sure Adam is just going to love that!

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Do you love anything that sparkles or do you prefer a different look?
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  1. I'm with you, I love all things that sparkle! Durring Christmas it's a little out of control. My poor kid always has glitter on his face from all my sparkly decorations.

  2. I love glitter!!! I told Tyler while Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, that one day I will own a pair of sparkly heals like that.. & a sparkly dress :) one day.

  3. I love all thing sparkly!!! The more glittery, the better. ;)

  4. I love glitter! And my vaccum cleaner has been getting its fair share lately. :) This time of year just makes me love it even more.

  5. A girl can never have enough glitter/sparkle! Can't wait to see your glittery photo shoot :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Ummmmm I just glittered deer antlers... EVERY boy I told looked at my like I had three heads.

    I mean what can I do.... I JUST LOVE GLITTER.

    I even want a glitter floor in my future craft room! I know... RIDICULOUS!

    love ya super sparkly girl!

  7. GLITTER! :)

    I'm envisioning you doing the quintessential "blowing glitter out of my hands" photo and accidentally (intentionally?) dousing Adam is a wave of glitter as he tries to get the PERFECT shot! BAHAHAHAHA!

    This is a good idea.

  8. I feel like you're NOT a real girl if you don't love glitter! :) In fact I think I need more glitter in my life!

  9. Love the new look girlfriend! And who doesn't love glitter?!?

  10. love love LOVE me sparkles galore!!! that clutch is super adorbs!!!! makes me wanna spend all my giftcards from cmas NOW!!

    friend... I am LOVIN' your new bloggy look!! I noticed a makeover a few days ago, but the header is super duper new and adorbs!!!!!

  11. Haha, we're like moths to a flame!

  12. I LOVE sparkly things...I just thought that maybe it was the time of year that made me go a little overboard on the glitter but glad to see I'm not alone. Love the way you shared your pins too - very clever!! Cheers!

  13. I love love love glitter. I would live in it if I could. That would probably be detrimental for my pups though. And my husband might complain...

  14. Loving that quote! What beautiful images!!
    xo TJ


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