On Being Intentional

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, I'm sure you know that mountain biking is one of my favorite things to do. One of my best friends, Danielle, and I try to go as often as we can on the weekends. I've even roped Adam into going a few times ;) Let me tell you...if you want to get your work out on...go mountain biking.

Danielle & I hadn't been biking for like two months. With the holidays, we just couldn't find the time. Well I'm happy to say that this past weekend we finally made it back out to the trails. But something special happened this time.

When we got to the park we got out of the car and started getting our bikes off the bike rack like we always do. As I walked toward the back of my car, a man who was standing across the street yelled over and asked how tall I was. Note...I'm pretty short. I get comments about my height pretty frequently, so I didn't think much of this guy asking me.

I told him that I was 5 feet tall and he then said something that caught me off guard. He told me that he had a bike that would be perfect for me that was just sitting in his garage taking up space. Apparently this bike has a smaller frame, so you have to be shorter to ride it. He described the bike and people...it sounded NICE. He bought it for his daughter, but she never used it. He gave me his card and told me to contact him next time I was going riding at that park.

The funny thing is, on the way to the park that morning, Danielle was saying how much lighter my current bike is than hers. We both have cheap-o Walmart bikes. Since we're fairly new to the hobby, we didn't see the sense in spending a ton of money on fancy bikes. Well when this guy offered to give me his fancy bike for free, we knew right away that this would give Danielle the opportunity to use my lighter bike instead of her heavier one...not to mention my brakes work and hers are kinda of sketchy.

We were blown away by the generosity of this man. We'd never seen him before and yet he stepped out of his own bubble and extended his hand into ours. This situation was really an eye opener for me. It made me realize that lately I have been so stuck in my own world that I haven't really been taking the time to reach out and bless other people.

It really doesn't take that much extra time or effort to make someone else's day a little bit better.
It's really not that hard to put yourself aside and put others ahead of yourself occasionally. This man had no idea who I was or where I was at in life. I can say that his act of kindness really impacted my heart. It restored something that I didn't even know was missing. Whether or not I ever see this man again or actually get the bike from him doesn't matter - I'm just grateful that he was willing to reach out and try to meet a need.

Today I encourage you to be intentional about reaching out to other people. Choose your words wisely. Think about your actions. Try putting others before yourself.

Have a wonderful week, lovelies!



  1. We just talked about this in church today =) I am so stuck in my own little world instead of constantly questioning God how I can bless someone's day. Definitely something I need to work on!

  2. What a wonderful post Jessica! I love this! How thoughtful of this complete stranger.

    Challenge accepted!! I will definitely try being more intentional and reaching out more, today and everyday. Thanks for a great post! :)

  3. What a great lesson and story on a random day. I love when stuff like this happens. You'll have to post about the bike when you see it / get it!

    I need to be more intentional too. thanks for the reminder!!

  4. That was such an awesome thing for him to do! And definitely a great lesson...hope you enjoy the new bike :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. That is awesome. Really reminds you that there are still amazing people out there.

  6. That's so awesome! I always get nervous when people just start randomly talking to me, but since I live in the south now I just chalk it up to southern hospitality! :)
    One of my New Years resolutions is to always be kind to everyone I meet, regardless of how I'm feeling.

    carelessly graceful

  7. AMEN to that... words are so powerful, thus we must watch what we say, and say more kind things to others just cause!!

    I gotta be honest... when I first started reading your story, I didn't know if he was trying to trick you both to go near his car, then BOOM!! Kidnap you... but when I kept reading my heart slowed down and actually smiled! Sad that I had to question intentions, but this world is cray cray!

    Looks like a fantab time with your BFF as always! Happy Monday lovie! xo, Bev

  8. That is so awesome. I love to hear stories like this.

  9. This sounds an awful lot like my story about our new couch and the stranger named Jerry a few months ago. :)

  10. WOW! I love the idea of being intentional... it was my 2011 buzz word, my life mantra if you will!

    How cool!

    Love ya

  11. Is it weird that every time I work out, I think of you??

    Didn't think so ;)

  12. Hey! I saw that you had commented on Bev's blog (la la Love, Learn and laugh) and thought I would check your blog out! I am glad I did, it is too cute! I can't wait to read more posts from you and read your old ones. If you get a chance check my blog out and follow me back (I am your newest follower)!

    Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide

  13. Love hearing about people like that! Sometimes talking with strangers works out just fine....Good reminder!

    Totally jealous that you're biking and dressed like that right now!!! The only outdoor sport I could even consider today (which, I'm most definitely not even willing to) is snow shoeing my way around! lol....Snow! Looks pretty and leaves me glued to the couch.

  14. What a lovely man, so incredibly thoughtful. I think about things like this sometime, when I have stuff laying around that clearly other people could use. I wish there was a place for doing things like this, that wasn't as sketchy as Craigslist. Lol I guess just calling down a stranger on the street works too!

  15. It's awesome to be reminded that there are still genuinely good people in this world.

  16. What a great story Jessica, thanks for sharing!
    This brings me to something I have been meaning to tell you- I Miss STR!! I loved having the inspiration and challenge to do something each week that made me step out of my comfort zone and do something I would not have otherwise done..Bring it back? please?!
    Have a great week! I am encouraged to be intentional this week! Thanks!


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