Love & Dreams

Some things that I'm loving right now:

- I'm loving that I can throw my hair up in a messy bun without bobby pins...big step y'all!

- I'm loving that I found some time to start a new book. Getting lost in the characters & their world is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. I'm always blown away at how attached I get to each character and their story. "Girls in White Dresses" by Jennifer Close is a fun read so far. Expect a review when I'm finished! Oh and I'm loving my new bathing suit bottom AND the fact that I'm lounging by the pool in 85* weather in mid-January...

- I'm loving when I'm walking down the street and a stranger sends a smile or a wave my way. Or when they make friendly conversation. I think it's so nice when people take the time to acknowledge others around them - you don't know how much a smile, wave or simple hello can impact someone. I can't help but wonder what each persons' ambitions & dreams are and where they're at in life.

Speaking of dreams, since I'm about to be 23 (January 20th is my birthday!), I figured I would make a list of 23 of my dreams:

1. Write a book
2. Get my Certified Personal Training certification
3. Travel out of the country
4. Own a cute, rustic-chic decorated home
5. Learn the basics of web design
6. Marry my best friend
7. Learn how to use the settings on my Nikon D3100 properly
8. Go cliff jumping
9. Camp on the beach
10. Swim under a waterfall
11. Go kayaking in a kayak with a clear bottom
12. Learn how to French braid
13. Invite a homeless person over for dinner (guess I need to learn how to cook...)
14. Compile a recipe book of all my Grandma's recipes
15. Learn how to play the piano
16. Stay in a log cabin while it's snowing
17. Go zip lining
18. Learn a choreographed dance
19. Go deep sea fishing
20. Go to a winery with my girlfriends
21. Watch the sunrise on Florida's east coast & the sunset on Florida's west coast in the same day
22. Visit a rainforest
23. Live and passionate life that is void of regret!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies :)



  1. great post, this looks like a great read and loving the bucket list for the year :D

  2. omg girl mine is the 19th and im so stealing the 23 idea except mine will be 24

  3. I'm jealous you were laying out at the pool, but I can't complain because it's been in the 60's in Ohio, which is a big improvement for January! I'm going to look into that book too...I'm looking for a good read!

  4. These are great dreams Jess! We share a lot of the same ones ;)

    Living in Florida, I've ALWAYS wanted to watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day. It's one of the only places its possible to do that! I love being a Florida girl!

  5. i'm jealous you are laying by a pool! it is freezing here! happy almost birthday! I love your #4 goal - I want a house like that!

  6. I wish I could be relaxing in 85 degree weather! It was warm here the other day... and then overnight - BAM. It's going to be a balmy 35 degrees today. O_O What happened to this "the South has warm weather!"?? I suppose Memphis is technically the midsouth. But still!
    And I need to start writing my goals down. I really have to make career goals, but it's so hard!

  7. I am just a bit too jelly you have that 85-degree heat in your hood :( We're in the 20's... and I'm dying slowly!!

    You are rockin' those long locks!! Can't wait to see the styles you can try out!!

    And your list of dreams.. totes attainable youngin'!! Esp the one about marrying your best friend... I can FEEL it!

    Happy Monday love!! xoxo

  8. I have been wanting to read that book, so I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Also, i'm trying to learn my D3100 too.. wish we lived closer and could learn together haha!

  9. Those are some really good goals! I also have the sunrise/sunset one of my list of things I want to do! And staying in a log cabin while it's snowing sounds so cuddly and romantic, I might have to add that to my list as well! :)

  10. You second "I'm loving" is one of my favorite things about reading too! And you've given me another book to look for at the library!

    Yes, I have a library card. I'm trying to save some moolah! :)

    Have a great monday girlie!

  11. Your list sounds awesome and it's so much fun :) And your hair looks too cute in that little bun!

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Love Girls in White Dresses. Such a short and fun read:)

  13. 85!? It's not even going to get above zero here today! I love that you have "make a book out of grandmas recipes. I just got my grandmas recipes from my mom in this little wooden box. I love that they're in her handwriting.

    2. I love your dreams especially 21, 6, 3 (wanna plan a trip? Im kinda for serious) and 4!!!


  15. Close's book is amazing! I love how each story ties in with another story in the book!

  16. Your messy bun is so cute! Mine always look so crazy because I have so much hair haha.

    Come visit me & I'll teach you how to French braid! =)

  17. GAH I wish I were by a pool in January! :) Happy early birthday girlfriend!

  18. Where did you get your swimsuit?! It looks sooo cute!

  19. Oh My Goodness, don't you just LOVE That book. I just finished. I laughed so hard in some parts.

    Especially the lying in the rain at the park...

    Great post!!


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