Let Me See Your Fives!

Friday...hallelujah! I'm linking up with Lauren (as usual) for High Five for Friday. I'm excited to share 5 of my favorite things from this week with y'all :)

one. Working out is always way more fun when you do it with your bestie. It feels good to finally be back on track with having a strict workout routine. I was a semi-slacker during the holiday season. She came over one day this week and we hit the gym, got dinner & watched a movie!

two. I'm not a huge makeup person...I don't know how to do it really, and I just don't like wearing a whole lot of it. But this eyeshadow pallet is FABULOUS. All of the colors are pretty neutral. Perfect for a makeup newbie like myself.

three. 2 date nights this week! We went to a place in Tampa called The Refinery, and it was a cool place to eat. It was very hipster-ish, so Adam & I didn't really blend in there, but we still had a good time! The food (and drinks...c'mon) we're delicious! And then Wednesday night we got BBQ...I can never say no to BBQ anything. Ever.

four. Loving my arm candy from Shop Miss Chic! I bought these bracelets and a top...maybe you'll see the top in an outfit post in the coming months :)

five. I found this plaid shirt tucked away in my closet...I was excited to bust it out and wear it again. Confession: I think I've had this shirt since my sophomore year in high school. Don't judge me...

Happy weekend, people :)



  1. the naked 2 palette is amazing, i love all the colours in it its so pretty :D

  2. I have the Naked palette too! Isn't it divine?

  3. i'm super impressed with your arm muscles. :) I have clothes from high school that I still wear. don't be embarrassed!! happy weekend friend!

  4. How can I judge you about the HS plaid shirt - I'm jealous you can still fit into it!!! I still have and wear my freshman HS year Gym Tshirt that I wear around the house. To be fair though the only reason it still fits is because it's a size XL and it was HUGE on me in HS. Now it fits like I'm wearing a boyfriend's oversized shirt so at least it's not a Tiny Tee right? (it's the little things) ;)

    LOVE that arm candy!

    And speaking of arms... dannnnng girl - I am envious of those guns! Keep up the great work!

  5. Oh and PS thanks for the rave comment on the Naked 2 Pallet I have been meaning to snag one. I still feel like a make-up newb even in my 30's, and I tend to do better with neutrals unless someone else is making me over.

  6. You are too cute!! Love your new bracelets!

  7. your arms look GREAT. any tips? I'm trying to get my arms in wedding dress shape by JULY!

  8. You will quickly become obsessed with the Naked pallet!!!!

    Ummm can I PLEASE have your arms... I no longer want to work on mine. HA


    Also don't judge I am fairly confident I have clothes older than that in my closet!

  9. I got the Naked 2 palette for Christmas but haven't opened it yet (I vowed I'd use up some other colors I have first!) So excited to try it!

  10. I LOVE the Naked 2 pallet. I don't know how I survived without it! I won't have to buy eye shadow for years. I got mine in May and I've hardly made a dent in it.

  11. Oh my I think things from my sophomore year of high school may only fit my one leg or something! Hahaha!! Found you from High Five for Friday! Excited to follow your blog!


  12. Old tops are always the best, especially when they still fit! It just brings you back and makes you feel like you went vintage thrift shopping in your closet for free!
    I need a workout buddy... sigh. It's been hard getting back into the swing of exercise.

    carelessly graceful

  13. The ONLY eye shadows I use are Naked 1 and 2.. I'm so obsessed! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

  14. Aw love this post! I definitely need to get on the workout train again. I've been majorly slacking this winter break. Great pictures :)

    xo, Ani

  15. I'm absolutely love my Naked palate! Now I want #2! :)

  16. I totally had that plaid shirt too!! Too bad my college roommate stole it from me.... *cries*

    Your arms are RIDICULOUS. move to Houston to teach me your ways? kthanks :)

  17. Bestie day, TWO date nights, and looking fab and fit!?!?! Mighty fine week for you girlfrannnd!!!

    i love that you still have clothes from high school... b/c there are some things I just can't part with from the same era :/

    Happy Weekened! xo, Bev

  18. Ahhh....you'll love the Naked pallette! I have the original Naked palette and I absolutely love it!


  19. Ohhhh that make-up pallet looks awesome!!


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