It's Friday!

This has been the weirdest week. I thought that it was Sunday when it was really Wednesday...oops. Holidays will do that to you, I guess. Anyway, today I'm linking up with the lovely Lauren for High Five for Friday. Here are my top 5 favorite things from this week:

one. Adam got a puppy! Y'all...he is precious. I am in love. Really. His name is Buck & he's 9 weeks old. He's a bull dog/pit bull mix. Big dogs...for the win!

two. This cheetah print scarf that I got for Christmas has quickly become a beloved piece of my wardrobe.

three. Wine night with my cousin. There's just something about drinking cheap wine out of a plastic boot that makes my heart happy. Not to mention I love the sign in her kitchen, "Everything I like is - illegal, immoral or fattening." Can I get an amen?

four. I spent NYE with some great dudes. Yep...me & a bunch of dudes. We had a bonfire to ring in 2013 :) Bonfire, friends & lots of champagne = successful NYE I'd say.

five. (not pictured) MY CAR IS PAID OFF. No more car payments. My car is mine. I will be driving my little Honda to the ground. To. The. Ground. YES!

And just because I'm feeling good a number six...IN LOVE with my new blog design. Isn't Aubrey a creative genius?

Happy weekend, people! I'll be working my first wedding show this Sunday...yay!



  1. I love having Big dogs!!
    And Amen for having a paid off car!! I drive a 1995 Ford F-150 and I LOVE it!! Nothing is better than driving something that is *yours*!! :)

  2. Aweeee buck is sO precious!!! I want a puppyyyyy.
    I need a leopard print scarf in my lode like yesterday.
    YAYYYYY CAR BEING PAID OFF!!!!! I'm really looking forward to getting a new car and having payments...NOT!

    Love love love youuuuu
    (and yes next time we hang out...COOKIN UP A STORM!)

  3. A puppy?! So exciting! And love the new blog design :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. New blog design - LOVE!

    New puppy - DOUBLE TRIPLE LOVE! He's sooo cute! And I love the name.

    New Scarf & Cheap Wine w/ a catchy sign - FTW!

    Congrats on paying off your car, that rocks and is SUCH a wonderful feeling. I've only ever done it once in my life!

  5. Oh, Buck is adorable!! Love the scarf. Drinking out of a cowboy boot? Yes, please! Oh man, congratulations on paying off your car! Woo woo!! Mine will be paid of next Jan/Feb - YAY! :)

  6. Buck is such a cutie! Hopefully, Boots doesn't feel replaced. ;)

    Scarf. WIN. Wine. WIN. NYE bonfire. WIN. CAR PAID OFF. WIN!

    You're winning in all the right ways, honey. Happy Friday! I love you!

  7. That puppy is the CUTEST!!! I love big dogs...and small dogs. Pretty much any dog!! And Buck is the PERFECT name!

    Cute scarf...and that hair is getting loooong girl!! WOOO!

    Love the blog design! I will have to check out Aubrey!

  8. I still need to try that red moscato - sounds so intriguing! Maybe I'll look for it this afternoon for our girls night tonight! Of course it won't be as good since I don't have an awesome boot to drink it out of, but I'll survive I guess...

  9. 1. That dog is completely adorable! But who am I kidding...I'm a dog lover at heart, so any dog is cute to me :)

    2. Loving that scarf. Scarves are my thing lately. I wear them almost everyday!

    3. Wine. Champagne. NYE. Perfect.

    4. Hallelujah for your car being paid off! Best. Feeling. Ever.

    Good luck this weekend at the wedding event! Have a happy Friday :)

  10. Happy Friday Jessica!
    I have been loving the pics of Buck from IG! So cute! I got a cheetah print scarf too and I love it- so fun!
    Love the new design! Happy weekend!

  11. Love love love little ol' Buck!!! He's perfect!!

    And your cheetah scarf is the cutest ever!! I got a pink one for Cmas and I wanna wear it with everythang!! Matching or not!!

    WOOOOOP to your car being paid off. I know the feeling girlie!! When we paid off hubs truck, I didn't know what to do when I wasn't getting a bill in the mail for more than half my paycheck!!! Enjoy the freeness and extra mulahhhhh!

    Happy weekend dear! xo, Bev

  12. Andrew is just DYING for a puppy...and he would be head over heels if I showed him y'alls new little one!! He is so adorable!!!

    UMMMM I need that scarf in my life like ASAP!

    WOO hoo on paying your car off--I will be driving my camry until it quits on me, too!!!

    You're precious, fyi. Just in case you forgot! LOVE ya! Happy Friday!

  13. I love Buck he is so cute!! We spent NYE around a fire too...it was pretty wonderful.

  14. Oh my goodness he's adorable! Y'all are gonna have a blast with him!

    And YAY for your car being paid off! That is AMAZING! My car is a hand-me-down from my cousin, so I haven't had a car payment ......yet. I have a strong feeling I'll be getting on by the end of 2013 though.

    Last thing, your design ROCKS! In fact I love it so much, I'm working with Aubrey now too! :) So excited!

    Have a fantabulous weekend friend!

  15. So jealous your car is paid off! I cannot wait for the day mine finally is! I'm sure by then I'll be wanting a new one.. womp womp. Love the scarf!! Have a great weekend girlfriend!

  16. I love me some cheetah print! And dogs! <3
    Congrats on paying off your car, girl!

  17. A bonfire for NYE sounds perfect!!! Honestly, a bonfire anytime IS perfect....

    Buck is cute! I am a big dog fan too.

    Congrats on the car and the great blog design!

  18. such a happy list of sweet things :) YAY about the car - that's exciting and such a good feeling.

    love ya sister!

  19. love your blog! how about following each other? would love to see you over :)



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