If You've Got to Workout...

First of all...HAPPY 2013, y'all!

I know that a lot of people are planning on working out more, since it's the new year. Although I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, I'm all for leading a healthy lifestyle. If it takes the New Year to spark some change in peoples' lives then more power to them!

I thought it would be fun to share my workout playlist today :) I always say that if you've got to workout then you've got to do it right...by jammin out, of course!

I like to mix it up when I choose my workout music...as you can see! And I usually update my "Work It, Girl" playlist every month or so. Remember to keep your workouts interesting so that you don't get bored with them. And try working out with a partner so that you're held accountable. Oh, and I wouldn't advise working out and then downing a piece of pizza & a beer like I did above ;)

What are some of your favorite songs to work out to?



  1. Woo HOO!

    So one of my goals for 2013 is to workout at least twice a week! And I know that having a fun playlist will help make working out fun! And you've just given me some songs to add to said playlist.

    So thanks!

    Happy New Year friend! :)

  2. I'm challenging myself to just run 1 mile (that's it) every weekday (weekends off). It takes ten minutes of my time, can't be hard, right? haha! But I am fresh out of headphones. So it's silent running for me...

  3. Ugh, music is so tough for me in my workouts!! I am apparently really picky, cause I often find myself skipping songs. Katy Perry is always one of my go to artists though!

  4. I totally needed this today! Working out more is one of my resolutions and these are some great songs. I'll definitely have to add these to my list!

  5. You've got a lot of country up in there. ;)

    Thanks for the list! My playlist is SUPER old, but I like it, because there's something kind of nostalgic about it. I don't want to delete anything. Hahaha! However, I will definitely ADD to it.

    Happy New Year, sis! *MUAH!*

  6. I feel like rewarding myself with pizza and beer might be the only way to get me to workout in the first place ;)
    I'm diggin' your list!

  7. You're right...wine and chocolate, silly! Not beer and pizza!

  8. Haha I love that picture of you! Great playlist too!

  9. Love me some No Doubt to work out to... and of course Lady Gaga... and Katy Perry... and Carrie Underwood just like you!

    Happy New Year friend!! LOVE that flick of you with pizza and beer... totes makes a statement ;)

    xo, Bev

  10. Happy new year! Good songs definitely make for a better work out session!

  11. haha- are you sure you didnt steal that pic from my personal collection?? beer after the gym is SO counterproductive- but fun regardless- oh well! lol


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