"I Don't Know What to Wear!"

That phrase comes out of my mouth way too often. I try not to say, "I don't have anything to wear," because let's be honest, we all know that's a big, fat lie. My closet is full of clothes, shoes & accessories, but sometimes I just can't get the creative juices flowing enough to conjure up a cute outfit. And that's that. When that happens I have a few fall back outfits...my "go-to" outfits, if you will.

I have around 4 of these go-to outfits. They're what I wear when I'm running late and don't have time to piece together something new, when I just can't think of what else to wear, or when I try to step out of my fashion comfort zone and it turns into a total disaster.

I do try my best to switch up my jewelry when I wear these outfits...that way people don't catch on to how often I wear them ;)

Here is my current #1 go-to outfit. It never fails me...unless it's over 65*...then you can forget it.

I always feel so trendy when I wear this. Maybe because it's blasted all over Pinterest in one form or another, but that's neither here nor there. I also feel comfortable and put together. WIN & WIN.

Chambray shirts are so versatile, which is always a plus. And these black skinnies from Loft, amazing. I have such a hard time finding jeans that actually fit my body shape (short & athletic). But these fit like a glove. I used to wear this outfit with black leggings...and I still do if my skinny jeans are dirty. And who can say no to a cheetah print scarf? Oh yeah...no one!

Do you have a go-to outfit that you can always fall back on?

And before I forget, here's a little birthday recap for y'all!

Friday night Adam took me to Rainforest Cafe for dinner...it was the coolest place! That was the first time that I'd ever been there so I was taking it all in. Saturday night I went out for sangria with some of my favorite ladies (and P.S. my arm is not really that jacked...the lighting in that picture is CRAY) and then met up with the rest of my friends for some drinks. Sunday was spent relaxing with Adam and then getting dinner with my family.

Adam got me tickets to see Zac Brown Band on February 22, and I'm so excited! He made me these little wooden tickets so that he could have something to actually give me...isn't he the sweetest?

And I couldn't resist sharing this picture with you guys...the bartender at the restaurant where I got sangria with my girls snapped this without us knowing. It was me "seeing who was the strongest," because that's who was going to hold my head in the picture up there.

Thank y'all so much for all the birthday wishes via Twitter...I felt so blessed all weekend long! 23 is gonna be a good year, that's for sure. 



  1. I definitely have 4-5 of the same kind of outfits! They are my most comfy, cutest & fashionable outfits that I have to put no thought into. I may tend to overwear them ;)

    Such a fun birthday! Your man is the sweetest! (And handy!)

  2. How awesome! Happy belated birthday! Looks like a fantastic weekend!

  3. Love this post! Made me smile :) Love your outfits too! xx

  4. my go to outfit is leggings and a cotton dress! i also wear my chambray shirt a lot! looksl ike you had a great bday!!

  5. Woo HOO! So glad you had a wonderful birthday! :)

    And your go-to outfit is super cute! I've been looking for that same cambray shirt at Target, but they NEVER have the size I need. It's annoying.

    Anyway, have a WONDERFUL day! :) xoxo

  6. Our 'Go-To' outfits look very similar! I love it! And I'm glad you had a fab birthday! That Adam is so darn creative!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! 23 was a really fun year for me, I know it will be for you too! :)

    I have the exact same go-to outfit, also courtesy of Pinterest! I just don't have a leopard-print scarf, so I usually just use something else. My other "go to" involves a black top with a bright floral scarf. Those are pretty much my day-to-day uniforms.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Jess!! It looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  9. I love your go-to outfit!!! I can totes relate... the go-to pieces that you throw on b/c they're simple, you know they mesh well together, and they're super duper comfy!!! I give yours TWO thumbs up!!!

    Mine looks similar... black leggings, cognac riding boots, black v-neck and a long cardigan, and a pink cheetah print scarf :) great minds think alike!

    Looks like a fantab bday weekend!! Your Adam is just too adorbs! Now you can keep the wooden tickets for keepsakes instead of the paper (or and the paper?). LUCKYYYYY I love me some Zac Brown. Did you hear them sing at the playoff game Sunday?!?!? AMAZE balls I tell ya!

    xoxo, Bev

  10. Girl, you rock that outfit! You always look SO CUTE. I am so glad you had such a fun birthday...ZBB is SO good in concert. I took Andrew for his birthday last year. You will LOVE them. LOOOVE ya, girlfriend. Hope your day is fabulous!

  11. Ladies, if you're new to LLT - her arms ARE that jacked. I have proof. SEE HERE -

    You're welcome.

  12. Your first outfit is like my go to outfit, nice! Also -- happy birthdayyyyy!

    Samm @ DysfunctionalEverAfter.com

  13. BAH! Love your stronger picture!
    Adam is becoming quite the little wood worker! SO COOL! I am so glad you had such a good birthday!!!!

    Annnnnd you always look cute... ALWAYS.

    loveeeeee youuuuu

  14. LOOOVE what Adam did for you!! The wooden tickets are SO sweet!!


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