I Deem Today...Sunshine Therapy Day

Sometimes you've just got to lay everything aside and take a Sunshine Therapy Day, don't y'all think? Well that's exactly what I plan on doing. I'm not going to work today. Instead I'm waking up early, hitting the gym, and then hitting the beach. Just me, my thoughts, my prayers & a few good reads. Oh and my super cute swim suit that I just got from Target ;)

I feel like I'm in a weird part of my life. Almost like I'm having a quarter life crisis. I'm in a place of transition, and I know that the decisions that I make today are going to determine how the rest of my life plays out. I have a lot of thinking to do. I've always been a very indecisive person; I guess I'm just scared of making the "wrong" choice...if that's even a real thing.

So today I'm planning on relaxing and gathering myself. I'm looking forward to a day all to me, without anyone else's opinion clouding my thoughts. If you think about it, say a little prayer for me today...I'd really appreciate it :)

I say if you need a Sunshine Therapy Day...go for it!

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  1. I am so at a weird spot in my life too. It's very confusing & overwhelming! I love that you're taking time out to read, think & pray. =)

    Have a wonderful day lovely!

  2. Prayers for you today! Good luck! <3

  3. I definitely went through the same quarter-life issues, and am probably still going through it now. It's just so daunting and scary sometimes! But taking a day all to yourself sounds absolutely amazing. Hope it was a wonderful in the sunshine!

  4. Sunshine therapy day sounds SO good right now - how could it not lift your mood?! Enjoy :)

  5. I most definitely went through a quarter life crisis about 6 months ago and let me tell you, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take it day by day. If you want to be productive, go for it! If you want to be lazy and watch movies all night, do that!

    There is no wrong answer :)

    The Daily Sarah Jane

  6. Friend... you will NEVER make a wrong choice. All choices we make in life are building you to be stronger and stroner.. some choices lead to consequences, and some to triumphs... but through it all you are getting more courageous, more fearless, and closer to God.

    Enjoy that sunshine b/c you deserve it, and because I wanna live through you so I can soak up some sun myself!

    Love to love you! xoxo

  7. I've been there, woman! Quarter life crisis is real I tell ya! I hope you enjoy your day. Thinking about you - and wishing I could be at the beach right now instead of in Ohio in January!

  8. I have quarter life crisis' like once a month. Sigh. I totally believe in mental health days, especially ones that involve sunshine! <3 Hope you enjoy your day sweet friend!

  9. I prayed for you a lot yesterday!
    Hope you had a great Sunshine day and it was EXACTLY What you needed!!

    loveeeee yaaaaa


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