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I was looking through some old blog files on my laptop (please tell me I'm not the only one with blog files...) and something hit me...I'm addicted to changing my blog design. Like, I have a serious problem.  I've been blogging for just over a year and I'm on my 5th design. See, told you I have a problem ;) Good thing my current designer (Aubrey...holllaaa) has the best rates around.

This was my first design. It was a pre-made design that I had tweaked to meet my needs. I grew out of it pretty quickly though. A little too "cutesy" for me. I don't even remember where it came from to be honest.

Then I bought my first custom design (from Dana) once I hit 500 GFC readers. Again, this suited me at the time, but it didn't last too long because it just wasn't me. If that even makes sense?

Then I started noticing my friend, Aubrey's, design work. I love the simplicity of it. So I asked her to design something for me. I love what she came up with! This one didn't last long, because I decided to go in a different direction with my blog. I asked her to come up with something professional looking, because I'd thought about going that way with my blog. Confession: really glad that I didn't. Lifestyle blogs are the blogs for me ;)

This next design lasted a whole 2 days...maybe. Again, created by Aubrey the Great. When I asked her this time around to redesign my blog she sent me 2 headers to choose from. I chose this one and regretted it a few days later. I loved it, but it didn't have the vibe I was going for.

And that brings us to today's design. I LOVE my current design, and I'm planning on keeping it around for a good while. I asked Aubrey to design something that was southern chic. I'd say she did a fabulous job. I'm obsessed with my header...it's even the lock screen background on my phone! I love all the white space and the watercolor details on my social media/category buttons.

I think that it's really important for our blog designs to capture who we are. I know that it probably isn't the best idea (marketing-wise) to change up your blog design as often as I do, but I just can't help it. I always want to love my design, because that helps me get even more excited about blogging. It inspires me. Refreshes me. If I have a pretty design, it makes me want to have pretty content to go with it.

Oh and the winner of the Sweet Shots Cupcake giveaway is...Natalie Flood Jones! Congrats! I sent your email information over to them, so expect to hear from them soon :)

Happy Thursday, y'all!



  1. I love to change my blog with the seasons. I like all of your designs.

  2. love your new design! she is working on one for me right now! I can't wait!

  3. Ha... I think each one of these designs says a little about you despite you saying some of them aren't you! I think each design has a little bit to do with your journey as a blogger... but that is just my humble bbff (blog bff) opinion.


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with blog design multiple personality disorder!

    The only hitch I have is that I've been doing my designs by myself. I just can't justify spending the money on a design when I don't have many readers. But, like you, I think I've finally settled on a design I like!

  5. I love your designs! I love the Southern Chic look. That is how I've always wanted my home decor to look. "Rustic chic" is super cute! I am gonna get with Aubrey to design my very first custom blog design. I'm so excited!!

  6. I change my blog design like 3 times a month! I think where I have it now is where it'll stay, at least until I can afford to pay someone to make it better!

    carelessly graceful

  7. I feel like an idiot...Tell me about "blog files"! I have changed my design quite a few times and have ZERO record of the changes. :( Anyway, how do I get the files onto my computer and how do you keep them updated/organized? ps I use blogger

  8. Coulnd't have said it better lovie!! Changing our look is healthy... keeps us going and brings out new inspiration in bloglife and real life!! So you head with yo' bad self and remain fearless!

    Love Aubrey's work... she's amazing at what she does, and her pictures are adorbs!

    xxo, Bev

  9. I wish I had taken a screen shot of my first blog design because I love the fun reflection you get to do on it! I love the design you have now, it really feels like you love it!

  10. YOU.
    I die.
    For reals, you are the bessssst!


  11. Your blog is sooo Southern Chic...she did a fabulous job.
    P.S. Your not the only one...I've changed mine 4 times in 2 months...lol...I've just started blogging and am not paying anyone yet...I'll probably wait til I reach 500 also!

  12. I love all of the changes! To me it just showcases your different tastes! I love the current layout!
    xo Heather

  13. Girl! I had that same first design and I am on designing my third as well! It was Green Tangerine Designs. I don't think she is designing templates anymore. I went to look her up once and it said it was under construction. Man, I thought I was the shaz after that first design was done. I didn't keep files of it though. Drat!

  14. Oh girl, I'm the same way! I would totally do it a bunch if I could. When I was "designing" (ha) my blog at the beginning, I changed it all the time!


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