High 5!

It's the Friday before Christmas! I can't believe it! Eeek :)
Today I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

Here are 5 of my favorite things from this past week:

one. Adam & I were in downtown St. Pete this past weekend, and I saw this window display. LOVE.
Kinda took me back to my retail days when I had to set up the window displays...ours were never
as awesome as this though!

two. Hot cocoa, Christmas socks, & New Girl marathon with Adam? Don't mind if I do...

three. Adam & I played ultimate frisbee with a group of friends...so much fun AND such a workout when it's only 3 on 3! We got there a little bit early so that we could walk around and explore downtown. We decided that we're gonna start making an effort to appreciate what downtown has to offer more often :)
four. How precious is this?! My mom sent me a picture of Boots napping with my Dad (don't kill me for posting this Dad)! Boots has been living with my parents since I moved into my new apartment...I go visit her when I can...she's still as crazy as ever!


Have a super wonderful weekend, friends! Oh and just because I'm in a good mood let me give you a #6...I'm meeting my blog BFF IN REAL LIFE on Sunday...eeeeeek :) Can't wait to hug her neck!



  1. That's so exciting you're finally meeting Meg in person! Meeting your blog BFF(s) IRL is a blast!

  2. Omg! My bf and I have been doing the same thing with New Girl! So cute!

  3. Oh my goodness...I love your New girl marathon with hot chocolate and Christmas socks. You two are adorable!! Happy Friday!

  4. Love that display - so cute! And New Girl marathon with hot chocolate sounds perfect. Merry Christmas Jess :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. number 2 sounds perfect! and that is so exciting you are meeting meg!! can't wait to hear (and see) about it!

  6. I can't wait to hear what you think about Mickey's Christmas!

    And that's so awesome that you get to meet Meg!!

  7. I love that window display! That's one of my favorite love quotes. :)

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeé
    (accent intentional)

  9. I love how adventurous you and Mr. Adam are!!! Always willing to try new things and explore life! LOVE!!!

    And your hot chocolate is the busnazzzzz... how did you perfect that whipped cream?!?!

    Your pops... too presh!!! Boots look like she found her fave seat in the house!!!

    Happy weekend my love and murrrrrry cmas!!!!! xo, Bev

  10. That's a wonderful High Five list! Of course, I'm a total sucker for that photo of your dad and Boots. Will she be living there permanently now?

    And have fun with Meg on Sunday! I told her to give you an extra squeeze from me! YAAAAAAAY! You are going to LOVE hanging out with her.

  11. Ahhh love that window display, and new girl and hot cocoa and your Christmas socks. Happy Friday love!!!

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  13. Jessica,

    Have you ever been to Mazzarros in St. Pete? It is an amazing italian market, I didn't realize you lived in Tampa! Enjoy your holidays!

  14. Angela...I've never been there...sounds amazing though :) Merry Christmas!


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