Glitter & Wine...I'm In

If you saw that the title had the words glitter AND wine in it and you weren't intrigued,
we might have a bit of a problem...just saying ;)

I made a few glitter-stemed wine glasses to give as Christmas gifts,
and they were a huge hit when I posted a picture of them on Instagram.
So I figured I'd share a little DIY tutorial with y'all today!

I searched Pinterest for the best way to do this project
and nothing was working for me. So I combined a bunch of ideas
that I read about and came up with this method.

What You'll Need:

- Wine glasses (Apparently you can get these super cheap at the Dollar Store.
  Mine are from Target and cost about $20 for a pack of 4)
- Glitter...and lots of it! (I used Martha Stewart glitter, because I'm obsessed
  with the colors her line offers. I bought the variety pack...LOVE)
- Mod Podge (I went with the super gloss finish for this project)
- Krylon clear gloss acrylic coating spray
- Foam Pouncer (I used Martha Stewart's brand)

What You'll Do:

- Start off by washing the glass and drying it throughly.
  Make sure it is completely dry before you move on to the next step.
- Coat a layer of Mod Podge on the areas of the glass that you want glittered
  using foam pouncer. I tried to keep the layer thin enough so that it wasn't runny,
  but thick enough that every area on the stem was coated.
- Sprinkle glitter on the areas of the glass that have Mod Podge.
  Let sit for about a minute then shake off excess glitter.
- Let glass sit for 30 minutes.
- Spray glittered part of glasses with Krylon spray.
  This helps keep the glitter on the glass rather than all over your kitchen ;)
- Let sit for 2 hours then spray a second coat of Krylon spray.
- Once Krylon spray has dried, hand wash the bowl of the glass.

Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and enjoy!

Seriously SUCH an easy project. And the product is super fun!
I wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher, but hand washing them instead.

These are great to give as gifts or use for a bachelorette party! Or for anything else.
Because honestly, is there really such a thing as too much glitter?



  1. These are super lovely! :)
    Sometimes you gotta collaborate a bunch of different ideas to achieve the one that works for you :D

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. So so pretty and cute! Must definitely try!


  3. PRECIOUS! ;-) I love these! :-) AND you are right! The perfect idea for a bachelorette party. . . .or basically any event! :-)

  4. How pretty! I love these; they look professionally done!

  5. My favorite part of this is I can HEAR you saying all this... CAUSE WE TALKED ABOUT IT... ya know where we hung out.

    annnnnnnd I am doing this when I glitter my deer antlers!


  6. What a perfect and festive gift! I'll have to remember your tips for a future gift. This would be fun for NYE too!!

  7. Hey look at you miss crafty!! Those are super cute! Makes me want to have a glitter fest. Oh and I wonder... how did our top knot goal turn out for you?? :)

  8. So cute and easy! My mother in law would love these!


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