Glasses, Rain & My Baby Top Knot

So you guys remember me posting about the sweet glasses that I got from Firmoo, right?
Well guess what? They sent me another pair of glasses that I love even more than those ones!
They're actually my favorite glasses that I've ever had.

I'm definitely a black frame kind of girl. But I love the side detail on these...gives them a little bit of character that none of my other glasses have! I actually got a compliment on the side detail when I wore them to work this week.

The glasses arrived so quickly in the mail (as usual with when I've used Firmoo) and they even came in a cute case that included a mint (um hello...YES) cleaning cloth and a tool to use to tighten the glasses if they need to be.

I'm super thankful for that little tool, because I hate going to the eye doctor just to have my glasses tightened. Last time I did that I had to wait 20 minutes while tons of loud children swarmed the waiting room. It wasn't my idea of a good time ;)

We didn't plan on doing a photo shoot in the rain, but you gotta work with Mother Nature sometimes. And what better combo than rain, comfy jeans, glasses & a top knot? It worked out perfectly!

Adam was a trooper and stood in the rain while I "posed" under the umbrella. Huge thanks to him :)

So now here's the good part.
You can get your first pair of glasses from Firmoo for free (you just have to pay the shipping costs).
You can read about all the details on the free for first-time buyers program page.

You're welcome :)
(and thanks to Firmoo!)

Oh and don't worry - I'll be showing y'all an up close picture of my top knot later this week.
I'm so excited that my hair is finally getting longer!



  1. Cute jeans!! :) & woo hoo for hair that is growing :) :)
    I'm kinda envious of the fact that you can still wear rolled jeans and short-sleeved shirts outside... it was 27º today .. BRR!! :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Those glasses look so cute on you! And I love the rainy day photos :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I am in DESPERATE need of some new glasses! Those are too cute!

  4. just 11 more days till i am hugging that glasses framed face!

  5. I can't wait to order my glasses from Firmoo! Just need to get a perscription... whoops! haha. Yours are so cute!

  6. You, my friend, are looking nothing short of cuteness!! LOVE your comfy look and yes... you're right about the details on the frames of these glasses... adds the right umph to em!!

    Looks like you have some oregon weather in your hood :/ At least it wasn't so cold you were shivering without a coat!

    Can't wait to see your top knot ;)

  7. Your hair has gotten so long...love the baby top knot!


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