Holy whirlwind. Really, I don't even know where the past few weeks have gone! I didn't plan on taking a mini blog break, but hey...life happens :)

I've been trying to balance working 30 hours a week and then interning on top of that (I LOVE my internship by the way!) then throw in working out and spending time with my loved ones...yeah I have about ZERO spare time. But I'm working on figuring out how to balance everything again, so thanks if you've stuck around!

Today I want to introduce you to one of my all time favorite blog ladies! So I'll be quiet and let Rachel from Simple Little Joys do the talking...

1. Where did you get your blog name from?
I started my blog during my senior year of college, and at that time in my life, it was really a way for me to document and keep up with every little thing that was going on. I used it as a virtual scrapbook, trying to savor and cherish every memory as that time of my life was coming to a close. Of course, it's grown from there, and now, it is really just a mantra of my life, a mantra that I try to live by daily--finding joy in all of the little things. Savoring the big moments but also being joyful in all the little moments in between. Finding joy in the everyday is what it's all about!

2. What is in your purse right now?

My purse is pretty boring--all of the typical things...wallet, keys, lip gloss. My earbuds, some earrings, mini brush to tame the fro...Nars blush stick, sunglasses, perfume. My hospital badge, my Bible, and the ever-present huggie because it always comes in handy! Oh, and there was totally a pack of M&Ms in there, but I ate those just now :)

3. Describe your perfect day.

If you know me, you're probably not surprised at this answer. But my perfect day is a fall day in the Grove in Oxford, MS, tailgating with friends and family while watching my Rebels play some SEC football! It combines all of my favorite things--family, football, friends, food, and fall. If I could somehow incorporate a Christmas tree, I'd be the happiest girl on the planet. 

4. What is your favorite outfit?

I'll have to go to Pinterest for this one, of course. My favorite outfit currently is something like this: cute, casual, comfortable, but still chic and fabulous. I love fall clothing, because you can throw on some skinny jeans, a colorful blouse, some gorgeous boots...top it off with a pretty scarf, some jewelry, and a big bag--and you're good to go. Easy yet fashionable!

                                                                                                      Source: langworthyanne.polyvore.com via Rachel on Pinterest

5. What is your favorite thing about fall?

Ohhh, I love everything about fall. There's no way I could choose just one thing! The Christmas season is definitely my favorite season, but fall is a very close second. I love the weather changing, the colors of the leaves...the foods and smells of fall. Pumpkin anything and everything! I love a crisp in the air. I love fall fashion and all of the fabulous boots and scarves that you see everywhere. I love fall because it signifies that the holiday season is kicking off...everything becomes a little more festive and a little cozier. I tend to pay a little more attention to the little things during this time of year--more get togethers, more time with friends, more memories made! 

Isn't she fabulous?! Go check out her blog and say hi from Lovely Little Things :)


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