Making My Apartment Feel Homey

I'm an apartment dweller and I always try my best to make my apartment feel as homey as I can without breaking the renter's rules. This is sometimes a challenging thing to do since you can't do whatever your heart desires as a renter. Boo on that.

The good news: we renters are not alone.

I have partnered with Apartment Guide to share a project that will help make your apartment feel more homey without breaking the bank. As an Apartment Guide Blog Partner, I will be sharing do-it-yourself ideas to make your apartment feel like home.

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We've all heard of them.
We've all seen them.
We all love them.
The beloved...gallery wall!

Here's the deal: I have always thought that gallery walls were a hit or miss kind of project. They intimidated me. But I decided to face my fear and go for it. So I went to a few home decor stores and walked out empty handed, because everything was pretty pricy.

Back to square one. I wasn't going to give up. I started rummaging around to see what knick knacks I had around my apartment. I also searched Etsy for a few items as well. And I, of course, roped my sweet boyfriend into building me a few pallet shelves to complete the look. He wants to start building custom woodwork so this was good practice for him ;) (email me if you're interested in having him build something for you)!

Are you ready for this?

BOOM. Mission accomplished. I am in love with this wall, guys. 
I can't even explain to you the difference that it makes in my living room. I walk in and I feel like sitting on my couch and sipping on a cup of coffee (or glass of wine...hello) because I am home. 

I love the rustic chic vibe that it brings to the place. And wanna know something else? 
The whole thing cost less than $100. YEP. 

Side note: I can't wait to show you guys the rest of my little apartment!

Like I said, Adam built the pallet shelves for me. We got the pallets from work. He also built the little wood stand that the mason jar is sitting on. And he got the deer antlers from his dad :)

The 7 vintage frames were a set that I found on Etsy (shop: The Bumble in the Bee) for about $50.
The "J" made of corks was also an Etsy find (shop: Trzy Star) for about $22.
I had the mason jar laying around (I've mentioned before that I have a thing for mason jars).
And the mirror came from my old faithful...Target ;) Can't have a gallery wall without something from Target...

See? It's totally possible to make your apartment feel homey without paying hundreds of dollars! You just have to get a little bit creative, and use things that are available to you.

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  1. OH MY GOSH.
    Where do I even start with this pure ridiculous love of this wall.


    Reese is gonna build me something from a pallet whether he likes it or not!!!!!!

    Seriously, Did you get that I am obsessed with your wall???

    I am [pretty obsessed with you as well. Just sayin.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Love what you did! That is really creative :)

  4. This is absolutely fantastic! We were just discussing, in our rental home, that it needs a spruce. This idea is such a stunning chic rustic collection! Even hubby loved it!

    I can't wait to see the rest of what you've done!

    Oh and how did you attach it all to the wall? Are you allowed to nail things to the wall?

  5. absolute perfection! IN LOVE!!!! he did amazing!

  6. i love the rustic look of that wall!! it looks great!

  7. I love your gallery wall! I can't wait to hopefully make one when I move next year.

  8. I want to do this so bad! I'm notorious for hanging things just SLIGHTLY off kilter so I've gotta get my husband to help me and he just doesn't care as much, lol.

  9. I knew you could do this and make it look absolutely adorable ;) Your wall gallery is absolutely adorable and oh-so "homey"!

  10. This looks perfect! I love it!! You have a great eye. :)

  11. It looks oh so fab!
    I have been dying to get my hand on some antlers for above our TV in the family room and I love seeing how you pull in the oh, so handy mason jar. They're my friend in everything I do!



  12. Love it! We're renters too...I'm itching to get out and into a house where I can paint and do all kinds of home owner-y stuff!

  13. adorrrableeee goooooorl!! sooo YOU!! The wine corks... the pops of yellow.. the mason jar with baby's breath!! You rock, with of course Adams' expertise!!! I am LOVIN" it!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of it, although I may swoon over this wall over a glass of wine with you (virtually of course)... hopefully one day face to face :)

    Love to love ya!

  14. Love it girl! You have great taste. Apartment guide is the jam!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  15. It's identical!! Great job girlfriend!

  16. I agree that creativity can go a long way. I love your wall art and I think renters out there can do their own artistic decors under a hundred bucks. I would gladly do the same at my apartments in Siloam Springs AR.


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