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This week I am semi-weirded out to say that lately I have been inspired by...


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It amazes me that antlers are considered "chic" now. When I was a kid, 
I used to think it was so funny that my Granddad liked to display the antlers from 
the deer he hunted. I never would've thought that antlers would become such a statement. 
And one that I love, nonetheless. 

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I've been seeing antlers everywhere. Used in wedding decor, home decor, and as jewelry.
I love the versatility of them. You can paint them, hang them, set them. The sky is the limit.
So let me just say this...props to all those country boys who have always known the potential
of antlers ;)

How do you feel about the antler trend?



  1. I was just pondering the same thought! I think I'm still on the fence {ha} about it but they can be a super chic addition to a house.

  2. I agree! It used to be weird and now it's super cool. I wonder when it'll go back to being a little off-center... I like the modern ways it's been used lately but I don't know if I'll ever be 100% on board -- though I DO love these inspirations you've found!

  3. I feel weird saying that I love the antler centrepiece! It's actually really beautiful, and what a great way to bring a fiancee who hunts into the wedding!

    I told my husband that next time we find an antler I want it so I can paint it and use it as decoration and he thought it was weird. Really? The guy who has a deer head hanging in my basement thinks that's weird? lol

  4. LOVE the antlers...and love that pic on the bottom left - such a cute idea!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I love antlers! but I grew up around them, my family is very country.

  6. Ummm I bought a stagg necklace the other day... Now I wish I could find my antlers from the dear I shot... IM SO TEXAS...

    OH I'm going to write a blog post about that trip! HA
    It was SOOOO me!

  7. i like it! I'd put one of those in my house! i want a pillow with antlers on it - at least for christmas!

  8. Loving the antler trend! The boys in high school who used to hunt and display their antlers, really were on to something! So fashion forward, those cowboys ;)

  9. Lol I love trends like these, it's so hipster. But I can't lie, I like it a lot too, I just wonder how long it'll be in style.

  10. Well, I have to be honest. I hate hunting, so although I like the look of antlers, I'm torn, because I hate to think of how they ended up there. :/ Ha! I like fake antlers, I guess. But even then, it still resembles an animal part. I just can't win!

  11. I just saw some painted antlers (naturally shed and therefore cruelty-free) in a catalog for a crazy amount of money. I'm not sure what I think yet, but you have a very rustic chic collection...and I like it! I just stumbled across your blog and look forward to reading more!

  12. I love the look! Always have. My husband calls my taste in home decor rustic luxe, haha! I hope to make a antler chandelier for above our kitchen table!

  13. LOve!! I've been obsessed with reindeer lately. I'm sure you've seen the reindeer sweeter floating around on Pinterest...I wish I could find out where to buy it.


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