Dove Wisdom

I don't have much for you today. I'm super busy planning & packing for my trip to North Carolina tomorrow :) I am extremely excited to see the beautiful state and take my first plane trip!

But I didn't want to leave y'all hanging. So here is a little bit of Dove wisdom for you. Confession: I am a lover of dark chocolate. Any time eat a piece that has a good saying on it, I save it. These are some of my current favorites!

I have a post planned for tomorrow, but Monday I will be MIA since I'll still be in NC. I get back Monday night, so I'm hoping to have a post ready for Tuesday. AND I start my internship on Wednesday so I'll be pretty busy for a while. I'm gonna try my best to stay on top of my blogging though :)


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  1. Dove is SO good. I always laugh at the commercial though because the woman nibbles on it. I'm pretty sure most people either bite it in half or (like me) stick the whole thing in at once. Who nibbles chocolate?


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